Thursday, May 19, 2011

Scream to Scream, Scene by Scene: SCENE 20 of Scream 2 (0:54:09-1:00:18)

In this project I attempt to review the entire Scream trilogy scene by scene in chronological order. Heavy spoilers and gore throughout!

SCENE 20 of Scream 2
Length: 6min 9secs
Primary Characters: Sidney Prescott, Gus Gold (David Warner) and Derek
Pop Culture References:
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Okay, I'm just going to come out and say it: This is the worst scene in the entire trilogy. THE ENTIRE TRILOGY!

Unless I'm forgetting some scene in Scream 3 - which is possible, Steven Stone's scene in the trailer comes to mind, but still... - I feel quite confident in saying so. Scream 2 is the longest film of the trilogy and it I think if it's too long the blame lies in some of these sequences around the middle. Scene 17 could have easily have been cut and one in a little bit where Sidney receives a death threat via computer (using the "intranet"?) could've been nixed as well. This one though is just the worst. I honestly can't find a single moment in it that I like and I skip it each and every time I watch Scream 2.

A lot of the blame goes on this guy, Gus Gold, Sidney's drama teacher. Ugh. Worst character of the trilogy, too! And I'm including Tyson from Scream 3 in that wide net! None of the fun or menace that was found in Henry Winkler's Himbry, nor is there any weathered bravura that can be found in the likes of Lance Henrikson's Milton or Joseph Whipp's Sheriff Burke. It's just overblown silliness. This scene between he and Sidney in which they discuss her strength as a "fighter" is just bollocks. WE GET IT! Why couldn't she have gotten that pep from Dewey or even Derek in her cafeteria serenade?

"The battle for the soul is fought in the form of art; you're a fighter, Sid, that's why you're here..."

Oh for heaven's sake, can it you armchair psychiatrist. You're a drama teacher not the Dean of Psychology. Ugh. HATE!!

Sorry, I just can't contain my contempt for this scene. I get what the scene is trying to do; set up the location of the climax, show that Sidney did indeed have a life there at school, and I also like that they position the idea of Sidney being an actress when in fact Maureen Prescott was one two and Sidney just didn't know. Still, I just really don't like the way they put all that stuff into the movie when it could've been some so much easier and with less pomp.

And then there's the show itself. See, this is just cruel. Surround Sidney with a bunch of scary people in masks? Yikes. This drama teacher is an arsehole.

"Fate's vengeful eye is set... on me!"

Heavy handed much?

Again with the scary people with masks! And now they're attacking Sidney with knives? You'd think the drama teacher - the awful prick that he is - would maybe choose a play with less obvious parallels to his star's life. But, then, Kevin Williamson isn't exactly the subtlest of writers at times, you know?


See, it just comes off as silly. Why would the killer actually risk this? So, right from the get go we know it's not an actual attack on Sidney. So taking that into consideration, we must conclude that it's just Sidney's imagination getting the better of her, but it feels so unnecessary. We are well aware that Sidney is tortured by the crimes and terrified of what could happen, so we don't need this bit to show us this. Hmmm.

This shot is cool. It'd be cooler if it was in an actual chase sequence that was actually scary and actually Ghostface.


Actually, no, it's still shit. Portia de Rossi's eyebrows don't quite have that level of power unfortunately.

My my, what nice eerie foreboding you're giving us there, Wes. I do like the shot though. It's all very arty.

Derek gets sappier and more and more like a personal poodle with each passing scene. I really kinda wish Joshua Jackson, who we saw back in scene 3 had been cast as Derek instead of the wet Jerry O'Connell. Don't you agree?

Oh look! The scene's over and it's directly followed by one of the top five scenes of the trilogy. It's like they knew this scene was a dud and needed to wake everyone up again!

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Alex said...

I think you're crazy! I've always loved the Cassandra scene!

Xavier said...

Totally agree with you. I never understood why this scene was necessary. Like you, I usually always skip it.

Brandon said...

I think the scene is a bit drab, and even though its essential for the climax, it could have been cut shorter. It slows down the pace alot. But I always wondered why the sorority girls would be in that prouduction or even any production. Eyebrow acting, perhaps?

Glenn Dunks said...

I might've liked it all if, say, during a break from rehearsal Derek did his whole "I Think I Love You". They could've done away with the stupid drama teacher, the bench scene AND it would've set up the scene of the climax and all that mumbo jumbo. Cut out over five minutes, too.

Anonymous said...

Woah. I never noticed that Lois and Murphey were in this scene. As many times as I've seen Scream 2, I never caught that!

Tony said...

Hmmmm... I do agree that a couple scenes in the movie definitely could have been cut, but I think this scene, though not the most entertaining, is critical. Not just for the climax, but for Sidney's character. And the Cassandra comparison is quite clever, lol.

Glenn Dunks said...

Anon, and as Brandon queried... why would two sorority sisters be in the school production wearing masks? Just more red herrings I suppose.

Alex said...

Also! In High School, I did a group project on Greek trilogies and showed this clip during the part about contemporary continuations on the practice of telling a story in threes. It was perfect.

Dawn said...

Hm, i see the point why it should have been cut. Honestly, my mind wanders whenever Sid has the convo with her teacher. But i think the reasoning for the scene was Scream 2 trying to follow the formula of the first movie. Sidney attack the night before, followed by possible attack the next day. Bathroom attack - Cassandra attack.

Drew Mackie said...

I agree that the scene is a little too on-the-nose about the whole Sidney/Cassandra comparison. It's like, "Yes, you're referencing classical myths. We get it." However, I think there are two subtle elements in this scene worth mentioning.

First, does it seem to anyone else that Sid's drama teacher, Gus Gold, is a Wes Craven analogue? Being the director, being a source of advice for the actor, the similarity between Gus and Wes's first names? On the name thing alone, considering how deliberate Williamson tends to be in choosing names, I'd guess that it's no coincidence.

Second, it's interesting that Sid decided to study drama, no? At this point, she has no idea that her mother was an actress, and though she kind of hates her mom and wants to end up nothing like her, she's unknowingly going down the same path that Maureen did. Of course, this may not have been planned out at this point in the series, but I enjoy it anyway.