Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Scream to Scream, Scene by Scene: SCENE 22 of Scream (0:58:48-1:02:27)

In this project I attempt to review the entire Scream trilogy scene by scene in chronological order. Heavy spoilers and gore throughout!

Length: 3mins 39secs
Primary Characters: Sidney Prescott, Tatum Riley, Deputy Dewey, Gale Weathers, Kenny the Cameraman, Randy Meeks and Stu Macher
Pop Culture References:
  • The Evil Dead and Hellraiser (Randy takes a vote on which to watch)
  • The Fog, Prom Night and Terror Train (All referenced as movies starring "The Scream Queen")
  • Jamie Lee Curtis (the aforementioned "Scream Queen")

Can you feel that? The end is in sight! We're at the final night of Billy and Stu's rampage of terror. But don't we're slowing down. Oh no! Plenty to discuss yet. This scene features two very excellent songs on the soundtrack. The one right now is Birdbrain's "Youth of America" and later on is Republica's "Drop Dead Gorgeous". I never did figure out why the latter isn't on the soundtrack. Remember Republica? I'm not sure many people do. Watch the video for "Youth of America" below. It's set inside Gale Weathers' van and features clips from the movie. There's even a cameo by Ghostface! This really does look so much like 1996!

Okay, let's carry on.

I love this bit. It takes the cliche of the stalking killer and, as this franchise is wont to do, makes it comical. In most movies this shot would be followed by one a hand holding a knife or something to that effect, but in Scream?

A pack of chips! (or "crisps" for you Americans, right?) That Kenny the Cameraman is such a litterbug!

Remember when high schoolers wore shirts and chinos to a house party? No?

There's a few moments throughout this party sequence that I like because they show these characters as just a bunch of friends. They usually go unnoticed, like this moment here of Sidney actually smiling as she leaves Dewey's car to go to the party. Despite all the shit that she's been/going through she still just wants to hang around with her mates.

Do we think this set is a reference to Psycho? I err on the side of yes, but there's also the fact that they just needed a house in the middle of nowhere so people could run around screaming bloody murder and nobody would notice. Is it an homage if it's also a necessary plot point?

Should I be focusing on the beer funnel action, Stu's delightful red dressing gown or that atrocious denim vest/high-waisted pants ensemble on the chick to the left? Yikes!

Meanwhile, Gale and Kenny sneak up to the party under the cover of darkness. Thick as thieves, these two! Also? We're exactly one hour into the movie! That feels like an accomplishment and a half.

There's a hilarious sitcom spin-off between these two waiting to happen.

It's proof to Wes Craven's abilities that even these sort of boo machine scares (character's entry into frame matched to a big loud sound effect) still actually kinda work. But, there in lies the comedy, because you laugh as soon as you jump when you realise "oh, it's only Dewey!" and the makers know this. Still, I think at this stage of watching Scream I was still terrified that they were going to kill off Courteney Cox and, as I've previously stated, I was a huge Courteney Cox fan at the time. Don't believe me? I once watched Commandments.

It's these sly moments of character that make rewatching these films so enjoyable. I love that in spite of the abuse that Gale sometimes lumps onto poor Kenny the Cameraman, they still clearly have a great working relationship and know each other so well. This look of "we've made it" that Gale gives to Kenny, who is all "yeah, we rule" in his nonchalance, is just one of many examples.

"All right."
"Yeah, I'm fine. Oh!"

Hah. Oh, Dewey! So adorable.

Did you see on Twitter just today that David Arquette has "just wrapped on Scream 4." It's getting closer, y'all!

"The Fog, Terror Train, Prom Night... how come Jamie Lee Curtis is in all of these movies?"
"She's the scream queen"

I am sure there was a devoted following of Jamie Lee Curtis' early career as a horror actress, but was she always known as the "Scream Queen" or was it a more modern title given to her once she matured into an actress and could look back on the days of making cheap Canadian horror movies.

I know almost any moment where Sidney smiles can be counted as positively endearing compared to the rest of the time when her character can be hard to like (at least in the first one, anyway), but this is another one of those very brief little moments that can go by unnoticed that just enhance the film because it does add to the atmosphere of this group of high school friends. This moment as Sidney sits and can't hold in her laugh and "oh yeah?" as Randy talks about how Jamie Lee Curtis was nominated for an award for Terror Train (what Randy doesn't say is that she was nominated for a Saturn Award) that feels so organic and real. I'm sure most people reading this have had moments similar of yammering on and on about what awards this more or that movie were nominated for to friends who don't really care, but indulge us anyway.


In the comments of scene 21, "JJ" said "You can totally tell Tatum beat the shit out of anyone who picked on Sidney growing up", and you totally know that's true. Just look at the expressions on her face when Stu says Gale Weathers has shown up at his party.

Meanwhile, let's focus our attention on the girl in the background in the baby pink overalls who kinda looks like those people in the audience of Oprah when she gives away a toaster oven that burns pictures of Hello Kitty onto the bread. Am I crazy or does that actually look like Veronica Mars herself, Kristen Bell?

There she is again. Let's go in for a close up!

Seriously. Am I crazy?

Everybody knows by now that Kristen Bell has been cast in Scream 4. Her casting announcement came alongside the casting announcement of Anna Paquin, which leads one to think of 3 possibilities.
  1. They're joint opening victims,
  2. They appear as actors in the film-within-the-film Stab 7, or
  3. They play two old friends (or "friends") of Sidney's from Woodsboro High who show up, say "Hi Sid! Remember us?" and then leave.
I tend to think it will be option number three, something akin to the Jay and Silent Bob cameos in Scream 3. If it does turn out to be option number three (although I am hoping it is option #1 because, let's face it, how amazing would that be?) then I like to think of it as wildly coincidental that there is a girl right here in Scream the first that actually kinda looks like Ms Bell. Anna Paquin on the other hand... well, I haven't spotted her lookalike yet!

Next to the word "Adorable" in the dictionary should be this image of David Arquette. For reals, just look at him!

If planting this camera was Gale's plan all along, I'm not sure why she and Kenny needed to be so quiet when arriving to the party. How else was she going to do?

I mean, sure, he was addicted to hard drugs at the time, but look at him! Adorable.

Aw, look at Tatum go. Walking away towards the garage to get more beers, little does she know that she is about to meet an untimely end. Poor gal. It's actually quite sad to think that there's only one more scene of this project in which I will be able to gaze upon Rose McGowan as Tatum Riley. Such a shame.

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Wings said...

Great review of the scene here. You really do get the "lifelong friends" vibe from the kids.

And we call them chips, too. I think it's the Brits who call them crisps. No?

Gwen said...

Republica's Drop Dead Gorgeous is on my Scream soundtrack. It's the last track.

Anthony said...

Awe, Tatum. Her dying is made up for by an awesome scene though.

Dempsey Sanders said...

actually that did look like Kirstin bell in the background!

Glenn Dunks said...

Gwen, you must have a soundtrack from a second pressing or something because it's not on mine, nor is it on the track listing at Wikipedia.

Anthony, so very true.

Dempsey, glad I'm not the only one seeing things!

Gwen said...

That's weird! I checked Wiki and Amazon and all the other tracks are on my soundtrack in the same order, excluding the bonus track.

I bought mine on holiday in London a billion years ago, long before ordering online was normal lol

Ashley in Wonderland said...

Wow, never seen that music video, it's hilarious!

I always laugh at Kenny's chip bag he litters. I recognized the packaging & they're some reduced fat chips. At least he was making a small effort to lose weight, haha.

Glenn said...

Hah! I never knew they were low fat.