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Scream to Scream, Scene by Scene: SCENE 13 of Scream 2 (0:40:32-0:42:15)

In this project I attempt to review the entire Scream trilogy scene by scene in chronological order. Heavy spoilers and gore throughout!

SCENE 13 of Scream 2
Length: 1min 43secs
Primary Characters: Sidney Prescott, Mickey, Hallie, Derek, Dewey Riley, Chief Hartley, and Captain Downs (Timothy Hillman)
Pop Culture References:
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This is quite a vital scene. It gives us more time to eventual killer Mickey as he plants the seed of doubt in Sidney's mind over Derek. The whole scene, Dewey's involvement too, is build to create the red herring of Derek, while at the same time screaming at audiences, in retrospect, to look closer at Mickey.

"It's the easiest interrogation of my crime-filled life."

Teehee. As one of America's most active serial killers (according to Debbie Salt) I wonder if that has actually happened that often?

This is another cute little, seemingly throwaway, moment that helps build that sense of closeness between these friends. Like Randy's puppy dog eyes!

"That poor girl."

And it's bits like this that really do make us like Sidney as much as we do (and you can't build an entire trilogy around someone that's unlikable, especially a horror trilogy where the urge to scream "JUST KILL HER ALREADY!" is constantly there). That's where so many horror movies go wrong; having a central character that is inherently unlikable and instead of cheering them on to defeat the bad guy, you kinda just want the movie to be over because you know the "final girl" will never die.

I know his character is an insane psycho killer with crazy hair, but don't you just wanna make out with Timothy Olyphant right there? I love Sidney's face when he queries - and rightfully so - why anyone would go back into the house, although I query why anyone (we're discussing Derek here, remember?) would go back into the house and leave Sidney outside all alone where any knife-wielding madman could jump out at her and kill her. Hmmm.

She's all "oh shit!"

This is Jerry O'Connell's ow face (hopefully not to be confused with... well, you know.) I have nothing of value to add here other than: he looks funny (lol).

This here is Captain Down, played by Tim Hillman. We won't see him again after this scene so let's just mention him here, shall we? As a matter of fact, Scream 2 is Tillman's only acting credit. He usually works as a location manager and he was indeed the location manager on Scream 2 (but neither Scream nor Scream 3).

I tried to get a shot of Jerry O'Connell's confused face, but it instead came out looking like his i'm-intoxicated-and-i'm-trying-to-follow-your-conversation-but-now-i'm-bored face. Agree?

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