Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Scream to Scream, Scene by Scene: SCENE 19 of Scream 2 (0:53:08-0:54:08)

In this project I attempt to review the entire Scream trilogy scene by scene in chronological order. Heavy spoilers and gore throughout!

SCENE 19 of Scream 2
Length: 1min
Primary Characters: Gale Weathers and Joel the Cameraman
Pop Culture References:
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Those are definitely some tight pants!

I love Gale's dismissive "what is it?" when Joel asks to "talk". She's so effortlessly bitchy. I also like that in each of the three Scream movies she works for a different program. Top Story in Scream, Up to Date in Scream 2 and whatever it is in the third one. She briefly works for 60 Minutes 2, as well!

I refuse to believe that Joel didn't know the goings on in Woodsboro before taking the job of Gale's cameraman.

"First of all, [Kenny the Cameraman] wasn't gutted, I made that up... his throat was slashed."
"Gutted, slashed, the guy ain't in the union no more!"

Funny you should bring that up, Gale. I know I said I wasn't going to discuss Scream 4 much, but it bares noticing. Multiple times throughout Scream 4 there are references to the killer copying the original Woodsboro killings - Robbie and Charlie (Erik Knudsen and Rory Culkin) even states that "the Stab formula is solid" (or something to that effect). This line comes after the "opening victims" as well as the next two, which means that either Gale just made up a new female victim to happen earlier in The Woodsboro Murders or Stab was just a very loose adaptation of the book. I mean, where was Steve in the opening scene of Stab? Hmm...

Wow, is this making sense? My Scream buddies and I tend to err on the side of thinking that Gale wrote Tatum's death as much earlier in her book. That or she changed Principal Himbry's death into some random cheerleader. Hmmm. The possibilities...

"Let's go get killed."

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Scream 2
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John from Jersey said...

I don't know how reliable imdb.com is (I think they are somewhat reputable in general) but I figured I would just toss this out there since I stumbled on it tonight. According to imdb.com, Scream 5 is a possibility


Having said that, I don't know if imdb.com is like wikipedia in that anyone can post and alter any information they want.

Anonymous said...

In the original Scream 2 script, Gale mentions that in Stab, Tatum was killed after Casey and Himbry after Tatum. I'm sure it's not considered canon since it didn't make it into the movie, but it would make sense for Scream 4's Stab formula thing. The school's hot chick butchered beyond recognition. Gale mentions something about dramatic license, which leads me to believe she wrote the deaths in the correct order, but Stab changed them.

Joel said...

The whole "the killer is copying the original" didn't really make much sense to me when I watched Scream 4. So Jenny was tatum (but only for the fact that she was killed in a garage)? Marnie was... who? Casey? If so, who was Olivia's murder a copy off? Sid's mom? And what about Rebecca??? Can you shed any sort of light on this?

Tony said...

I really don't think the killers in Scream 4 were in any way trying to duplicate the first movie's murders (like Scream 2 did). The fact that murders were happening again in Woodsboro is what set off this frenzy.