Thursday, July 22, 2010

Scream to Scream, Scene by Scene: SCENE 11 of Scream (0:37:24-0:38:19)

In this project I attempt to review the entire Scream trilogy scene by scene in chronological order. Heavy spoilers and gore throughout!

Length: 1min 26secs
Primary Characters: Sidney Prescott, Tatum Riley, Deputy Dewey, Mrs Riley, Cotton Weary (Liev Shreiber)
Pop Culture References:
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Oh look, an American flag! Worth mentioning is that this scene brings us to the Scream franchise's theme song of sorts in Nick Cave's "Red Right Hand" having appeared in all three films of the trilogy. Will it be in Scream 4?

This shot reminds me of why I kinda became obsessed with the USA in the first place. My first real memory of truly wondering "what is this country and why is my country so different?" came through music videos like those for - and I'm not joking - Wilson Phillips' "Hold On" and Julian Lennon's "Saltwater" (ignore the music during the latter since YouTube rules the song and the video can't go together for some reason, blerg). I used to love reading atlases and books about geography and as I read more about America - most of my favourite musicians being from there and all, I was a music fiend before a cinema fiend - I fell in love. Something about how their nature looked so much different to our nature. As I started to watch movies and seeing things like skyscrapers, which living in a town like Geelong I had never seen before, and wondering why Australia was so different.

I've been to America twice now and am planning a third visit (which won't eventuate for a good 2 years or so) and it is this third visit where I intend to finally see some of this part of America. The stuff I was originally so hooked on. I'm sure it can't possibly live up to the nostalgic memories I hold, but I'm willing to take the risk.

So, yes, this shot reminded me of all that. Vividly. Australian towns just don't look like that when I was growing up. Well, not Victorian ones, anyway. Don't get me wrong, growing up here had its own beauty, but much like FBI Agent Dale Cooper in Twin Peaks and his obsessed with Douglas Furs I guess I'm in love with this sort of imagery that Australia just doesn't have. Scream was filmed in Santa Rosa, California, so maybe I should mark that down as somewhere I need to visit. Experience it for myself and soak it all in. It is fascinating that I can drum up so much from one simple shot, to think that as a kid I used to wish I could live in one of these sort of American towns with the two story house (always with the two story houses, you Americans!) and parks that look like Yosemite. I'm sure if I saw these places in person they'd look much the same to what we have here, but I guess old memories die hard and it's why I will always have that yearning for this kind of stuff.

Firstly, I love that Dewey still lives at home. Secondly, don't "Corn Chex" sound like a disgusting cereal? Thirdly, this is Tatum's third hairstyle of the movie. First she had her normal hair with nothing done to it, then she had a ponytail and now plaits. Adorable.

One night as I was watching the Golden Globe Awards with my mother and brother I said I was cheering for Liev Shreiber to win the award for his performance as Orson Welles in RKO 281. My brother shot me down saying I only wanted him to win because "he was in Scream" and my brother was right. That's the hold that his trilogy had on me for a good long while. I do like seeing Shreiber these days having so much success knowing that the first two Scream movies were pivotal moments in his early career.

"We're checking every cellular accounts in the county. Any calls made to you or Casey Becker are being cross-referenced. It's gonna take some time but we'll find him."

The telephone lingo in Scream is often hilarious. So dated!!

A light, consoling punch by my gal Tatum! I want a light, consoling punch from Tatum. ME!

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Drew said...

Re: Santa Rosa, I say just skip it. It's a nice town where well-off white kids grow up and is quiet and nice and white and well-off. That's about it. I suppose you could find addresses for some of the Scream filming locations, but I say you'd be better off going to San Francisco and driving to Napa, where all the NorCal wine comes from. It's about as pretty as Santa Rosa, but boozier.

Loving this series, by the way. Keep it up.

Wings said...

Come up to New England in late September/October for some beauty! :)

Anonymous said...

Definitely try all the Chex cereals: corn chex, rice chex and wheat chex! They also make Chex party mix.