Wednesday, October 31, 2007

This Week on Australian Screens

Cinema Releases for the Week 01/11/07

An amazing week of releases!!!

Across the Universe - "Visionary" director Julie Taymor (Frida, Titus, Broadway's "The Lion King" and upcoming "Spiderman" productions) points her lens at the hippie Vietnam era with this Beatles-inspired musical. I've been anticipating this flick for a long time - I adore Taymor's visuals if not much else - and I'll hopefully be seeing it very soon.

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford - It's been seven years since Andrew Dominik's debut film Chopper and in that time Eric Bana has gone on to become "a star" as they say while Dominik has been trying to make this film that stars Brad Pitt and Casey Affleck. I'm seeing this tomorrow (which is why I'm posting this entry on Wednesday night - I'll be in Melbourne all day) so I obviously can't wait.

Death Proof - grrrr Y'all know how I feel about this movie and the whole Grindhouse shenanigans.

Delirious - Steve Buscemi, Michael Pitt (christ, does he ever stop making movies?), Alison Lohman, Gina Gershon star in the new film by Tom DiCillo (Living in Oblivion).

The Game Plan - Over at The Hot Blog there has been a bit of discussion about this movie and it's international prospects. I and many others said it didn't stand a chance because it was about American football (gross) and a quick look at the international box office of movies like Invincible, Remember the Titans, The Longest Yard and Friday Night Lights all failing dismally. The former and the latter of that group actually went direct-to-DVD here and many others places. But the television commercials for this flick starring Dwayne Johnson and Kyra Sedgwick (LOVE) don't mention American football, nor is anybody even seen wearing a football uniform and a quick side-by-side of the American and international posters shows they're not taking any chances there, either.

Outsourced - A comedy about Indian call centres. Cause, ya know, they're a natural source of hilarity.

Sweet Land - This Ali Selim film - an Independent Film Spirit Award winner - is apparently getting a release today although other than the IMDb there doesn't seem to be any proof of this whatsoever. I really wanted to see this a while back, it apparently is similar to Days of Heaven, a personal favourite, but... I dunno.

DVD Releases for the Week of 01/11/07

The Hills Have Eyes 2 - This sequel released in March in the USA is finally receiving a direct-to-DVD release down here - there were still posters up at cinemas as recently as this past month - is a sequel to Alexandra Aja's 2005 remake apparently has no similarity to the Wes Craven-directed The Hills Have Eyes Part II from 1987, which was a sequel to Craven's 1977 original. Make sense? Last year's remake was indeed a remake of the original, but this sequel to the remake isn't a remake of the sequel to the original... which is a shame because the 1987 sequel has A DOG HAVING A FLASHBACK!!! So, naturally, this sequel is already inferior by default.

Merlin's Apprentice - For some reason Sam Neill is starring in a sequel to the made-for-TV flick Merlin.

Transformers - This Michael Bay flick was reviled by a few, but the majority seem to actually like it so I don't feel so bad about have that loud geek-out earlier in the year. It is ridiculous and loud, but that's what I wanted from a movie in which cars turn into robots. Why have giant destructive robots battle in the desert when they can drive down the highway (because they're cars as well) and do battle in a big massive highly-populated city??? That movie was a hoot!

Plus the first season of Ugly Betty, third seasons of Entourage and Grey's Anatomy (aka the season it jumped the shark. it's amazing how quickly I went from loving that show to hating it) plus the sixth, seventh and eighth (and final) seasons of Will & Grace - the very seasons where the show started to go to the shitter.

Box Office

1. Saw IV (1)
2. Death at a Funeral (3)
3. Good Luck Chuck (1)
4. Michael Clayton (2)
5. Hairspray (7)
6. Rush Hour 3 (5)
7. Eastern Promises (1)
8. Rogue Assassin (2)
9. Resident Evil: Extinction (3)
10. A Mighty Heart (2)
11. The Kingdom (4)
12. The Brave One (3)
13. Waitress (1)
14. The Bourne Ultimatum (9)
15. Evan Almighty (6)
16. Superbad (6)
17. Control (1)
18. Ratatouille (8)
19. The Nanny Diaries (4)
20. Stardust (6)

Ooh Aah, She Lost Her Bra (But Found a Recording Contract?)

Hilariously Tamara Jaber got a recording contract! Hilarious Reigan Derry got a recording contract too! Hayley Aitken also got a recording contract! Hilariously they got a recording contract together!!!! Isn't that news positively mindboggling slash hilarious. In what universe were those three in the same room for long enough to not only decide to form a group, but to also fly to America and stay there for however long it took them to get signed to Def Jam records. Isn't that crazy?

Derry was an Australian Idol in season five (a season I did not watch), Jaber was in the second (and last) season of the original Popstars (remember Scandal'us? It's probably best if you do-o-o-o-on't) and Aitken is a singer-songwriter who wrote several songs on Idol contestent Ricki-Lee's debut album. Together they equal the Young Divas of soft-pop-shit-alternative-something-something.

And then consider that Jaber is the longterm girlfriend of Australian Idol judge (seasons four-six) Kyle Sandilands. And that Sandilands hosts a radio program with Jackie O - both of whom are co-hosting Big Brother 8 next year - and remember that Jackie O was one of the judges on Popstars... this all turns into the most complicated roundabout game of six degrees of reality television ever imaginable.

Nevertheless, to celebrate this momentous occasion - - here is the delightfully amazing and over-the-top video clip for Tamara Jaber's solo debut "Ooh Ahh". The song is entirely ridiculous and terrible but perhaps the biggest guilty pleasure of all time. I can't help but giggle at lyrics such as "Boys are rotton/Made out of cotton/Girls are sexy/Made out of Pepsi" and "Ooh Ahh I lost my bra/I left it in my boyfriend's car" (it's not lost then is it?). Plus, I think "Ooh Ahh" is the first song to ever use the word "Timbuktu" not once, but twice. Amazing, right?

Enjoy... perhaps.

Queens Of The Radio

If you ever sit at your computer while reading this blog and think "Hmm, Glenn writes like a bit of a Queen, but does he sound like one too?" Well, you now have proof that, yes, Yes I Do! I don't particularly like the sound of my voice, but there's not much I can do about that can I? I can't really notice an accent either but foreigners apparently pick it straight away.

A couple of weeks back I appeared on a radio program called Inside Splinters, an offshoot of the magazine I and the delightfully amazing Adem write for. He finally got around to uploading the two hour motha of a beast onto the internet for people to download! You can now listen to two hours of hot pop/dance music in between random bouts of Adam and I acting like a pair of stereotypical gay guys constantly talking over one another and bandying around between topic to topic. Topics such as Xanadu, Ammelle and the Sugababes, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Elizabeth Hasselback, depressed Annie Lennox and terrible music videos.

It's all very hilarious if you ask me and you can hear me laughing a lot.

The tracklisting includes:

Rogue Traders - Candy Coloured Lights
Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip - Thou Shalt Always Kill
The Hives - Giddy Up
Kelis - Young, Fresh & New
Soho Dolls - Prince Harry
Hilary Duff - Dignity
Groove Armada & Mutya - Song 4 Mutya (Kissy Sellout Mix)
Moulinex - Break Chops
Justice - D.A.N.C.E. (Stuart Price Remix)
Motiv8 - Break The Chain
Sugababes - Easy (Ultrabeat Mix)
Olivia Newton-John & ELO - Xanadu
Rogue Traders - What You're On
Annie Lennox & 8 Million other women - Sing (Moto Blanco Mix)
Girls Aloud - Call The Shots (Tony Lamezma Mix)
Bloody Beetroots - I Love The Bloody Beetroots
Operaor Please - Just A Song About Ping Pong (Kissy Sellout Mix)
Boys Noize - & Down
The Hives - You Got It All Wrong
Divinyls - Siren Song
The Royal We - Al The Rage
Rogue Traders - Throw Your Arms Around Me
Sugababes - Surprise (Goodbye)
JoJo - Beautiful Girls

If listening to that music and hearing Adem and I camp it up in the studio is your idea of two hours of fun and frivolity then by all means click the link below to download it. It's 82.49mb and is hosted on Sherabee, which allows you the option of several different downloading sites. You can upload it to your iPod and listen to us on the move. Or something.

Sherabee, 82.49mb, Adem and Glenn on Inside Splinters (2hrs)

Enjoy, bitches.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Halloween

For Halloween I present to you what is clearly the scariest movie scene of all time. Absolutely terrifying.

No for real, Australia doesn't do Halloween so that's all you're gonna get.

Tilda Swinton is a Sly Fox

Not only is Tilda Swinton content with being really really awesome, a great actress and stealing movies right out from under people like George Clooney (ahem) she also makes time to be the Deputy Opposition Leader of the Australian Labor Party. Of course, when she is doing her political role - on her way to possibly becoming the first female Prime Minister of Australia some years into the future, I knew Tilda had it in her! - she goes by the name Julia Gillard so as to now arouse suspicion, but I've cottoned on.

Who is who? What is what? Alien? Human? Horrible Gellatenous Blob? We may never know...

When Bad Posters Strike - Duel Edition: The Bucket List and Charlie Wilson's War

Two really bad posters were released over the last couple of days (both via ComingSoon) for The Bucket List starring (in case it wasn't blatantly obvious) Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman and then Charlie Wilson's War starring Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts and Ron Jeremy Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Take a look at them below, click them to watch them grow if you really want to.

Firstly, you'd nardly know The Bucket List is about two men with cancer escaping the hospital to do a list a things they've always wanted to do. Instead it looks like yet another movie with veteran actors showing up on set for a paycheck for a movie that, in the publicity for the film, can be described as "a whole lot of fun". Ugh. They usually tend to be the laziest sorts of films, which typically means they're a load of shite. Does anything about that poster make you want to see that movie? They don't even take advantage of Jack's kooky bald head that he showed off at this year's Academy Awards. That is surely at least something to target your marketing on, right?

And when it comes to the Charlie Wilson's War poster? Well... it's not exactly a poster that screams "BEST PICTURE!" is it? It's like with the trailer and now this poster they're trying to market it as some kooky comedy that's all about Tom Hanks' accent and Julia Roberts' hair, which it apparently is not. The poster just strikes me as really poorly conceived and produced. Especially with a dorky-looking Phillip Seymour Hoffman inserted in. It just looks overly silly.

The Best Line Reading of 2007?

"You don't want the money?"

Have I mentioned how much I love Tilda Swinton lately? Cause I do. A lot. Michael Clayton on the other hand was missing something. Not sure what exactly. More at a later date.

100 Greatest Movie Posters: #94 - Triumph of the Will

Trust me, I feel down right icky posting this thing. Alas...

Triumph of the Will (1935)
Directed by Leni Reifenstahl
Unknown Designer (a nazi, perhaps?)
Film Nationality - Germany
Poster Nationality - Germany

Quick note: A look at the IMDb page for Leni Reifenstahl's nazi progaganda film Triump des Willens has a bevy of eye-widening moments. It's score of 7.9/10, forum topics such as "Don't think of the Nazis as 'evil'" and the film being called "The Nazi Woodstock". Scary.

Despite my feelings towards the film itself - besides being vile sludge of the highest order, it's technically amazing but it's frightfully dull as dishwater, I fell asleep at least five times while watching it - I can't deny that as a piece of propaganda it is easy to see how it succeeded in spreading the crap that it polutes the world with. And I also can't deny that as a central marketing key, this poster certainly works as as an attention-grabbing eye-catcher of a design. The wide-winged eagle (I think) just looks like a symbol for "victory" and the big bold text of the title shows authority.

I initially toyed with the idea of even allowing this movie onto the list because it's less a film than a piece of marketing in itself. Upon deciding to allow and actually placing it amongst the top 100 I felt a little irksome, but then I remembered that the American Film Institute named the poster for Birth of a Nation (1915) as the eighth best of all time, which I think is much much worse because not only is that film worse than Triumph of the Will (at least with Reifenstahl's film a person didn't sit down and write the garbage that was put on screen as, what? entertainment?) but that poster is far less striking as this one.

Such is life, I suppose. :/

Monday, October 29, 2007

Ricki-Lee is All Around

As a very big fan of Ricki-Lee Coulter - aka, the only Australian Idol alum that I genuinely care about - this week has been a treat. First I saw the video clip for her new song "Love is All Around" on Rage, then on Sunday night she performed the ace "Can't Touch It" on the ARIA Award red carpet and then just last night on the Idol eviction show Ricki-Lee performed "Love is All Around". Phew.

I'm glad she is releasing this song, it's the best one from her incredibly underrated album Brand New Day - seriously go out and buy it, it's better than most of the shit that's out there - and I can just hope that it's as successful as "Can't Touch It". So here is the video (ignore the sync problems) that actually features a bit of queerness (it's random, but nice) and just for a lil something extra there is Ricki-Lee's Idol performance of "Proud Mary" definitely in my top five Idol performances ever. I love her.

George Clooney is a Dreamboat...

...on this 1987 second season episode of The Golden Girls called "To Catch a Neighbour". He plays a cop. George Clooney plays a cop (tell me about it!), but he doesn't get to wear a uniform, unfortunately. I always knew he was in an episode, but I just happened to come across him tonight. It was purely by chance that I even put the DVD on - I was all set to go to bed when I took a quick glance at My New Plaid Pants and was too terrified to sleep. The Blair Witch Project does that to me as you know.

So, anyway, here are some screencaps. Because why not?? Click them all to watch Georgy boy grow.

And to prove he's still a fox...

That's Georgy boy at the Venice Film Festival (or was it Toronto?) promoting Michael Clayton, which I am (hopefully) seeing tomorrow night. George's episode of The Golden Girls also featured one of the most randomly hilarious lines I've heard in the series from Dorothy - "You'll have to forgive my mother, she's very upset. She just found out she has the same hairdresser as Whoopi Goldberg."

100 Greatest Movie Posters: #95 - The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club (1985)
Directed by John Hughes
Unknown Designer
Film Nationality - USA
Poster Nationality - USA

[click to enlarge]

When your poster design is so instantly iconic that it is aped a mere one year later for the design of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 then you know you have done something right.

More comments pending (...perhaps...)

Lars and the Link Girl

Here's some random links for y'all.

The Hot Blog has a video interview with two lovely ladies in the glorious forms of Patricia Clarkson and Emily Mortimer. They discuss Lars the Real Girl. They do not discuss:

  • Witches

  • Elephant Rides in Indonesia

  • How Amy Winehouse gets her hair so high

  • "Agadoo" by Black Lace

So, basically, it's only "alright". Actually, I confess, I haven't watched it because iKlipz is the worst video site in the known universe. I apologise in advance for any computers that get thrown out of the window due to immense frustration.

The Film Experience discusses how "empty" thhis year's best supporting actress category is. I keep pointing to Samantha Morton in Control for the very reasons this piece brings up. It's one of the few oscar "type" performances we've seen for this category. If the Weinsteins actually get off their arses and promote the bloody film then Morton could pull yet another surprise nomination out of her hat.

Scott at Scott To Be Certain discusses this week's episode of Australian Idol. Considering Matt Corby didn't wear a flannel leotard or something equally disastrous I elected not to discuss it. Although Natalie Gauci was of worth, having a lightbulb moment that probably went "Hey, I could win. Maybe if I actually performed and entertained and danced on a piano..." and, alas, she did and, alas, she was in the bottom two alongside The Wrath of Tarasai(!!!!) Girl Sister Dahling exploded on and off stage into the ball of fury that we all knew was lurking within. Sister Girlfriend MmHmmm was sent home, which is disappointing considering the "talent" that is still there.

Also, Marcia is a twit.

I added the second season soundtrack of Twin Peaks and the entire Seinfeld box set to my Amazon Wishlist, which you can see in the sidebar. No takers wanna buy me them? Also, now that Summer Heights High has ended (what a great final episode, huh?) you can buy it. Don't let your summer be a bummer.

Lastly, I got this book as a belated birthday present. It's very pretty and it features Marilyn Monroe on the cover and not Johnny Depp. I even scanned it in so you could see! I now need the 501 Movie Directors book and I already have (two different editions of) 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die and 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die. pretty...

New Jamie!

When it comes to new Jamie Bell photos I can rarely be bothered coming up with a) a subject title and b) words to go with them... so, voila, here are some new Jamie Bell photos! In some of them he looks like he is miserable and then decided to go out on a weekend long booze and cigarette bender, but even his miserable drunk is gorgeous. To check out all of the photos go to Jamie Bell Online.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Go Ahead... Make My Day(!!!!11!!sarahblasko!!omg!)

Okay, so I've been in a weird funk all day - a dream I had totally threw me for a loop - but I tell ya what... the best way to get out of one is to have an artist you lovelovelove unexpectedly win an award that you thought was going to go to someone you're not a fan of (hi Missy Higgins). So, Sarah Blasko - you totally just brightened my day. I love you.

Now everyone should go and listen to her albums. They're actually sort of brilliant masterpieces. Here's Sarah playing perhaps my favourite song of hers "Queen of Apology". It's dreamy.

Fact - A Blasko track, "Always Worth It", played in the final episode of Six Feet Under otherwise known as one of the best episodes of television ever.

100 Greatest Movie Posters: #96 - Diva

Diva (1981)
Directed by Jean-Jacques Beineix
Poster Designed by René Ferracci
Film Nationality - France
Poster Nationality - France

Because it grabs my attention with a simple image that has been made provocative with a striking use of the colour blue and an angular cutting out of the design for the title. There's a sense of intrigue and romanticism, which from what I have ready about this French thriller seems to sum the movie up.

I'm a bit pre-occupied today so this is all I can write today.

Friday, October 26, 2007

100 Greatest Movie Posters: #97 - Salón México

Salón México (1996)
Directed by José Luis García Agraz
Poster Designed by Dante Escalante
Film Nationality - Mexico
Poster Nationality - Mexico

Something that nowhere near enough posters actually do (and do well) is evoke an entire time period in their poster design, which is exactly what I think this poster for Salon Mexico does (a remake of a 1949 film of the same name). Dante Escalante even won an award - granted, at the Havana Film Festival, but nevertheless - for his striking design that, I think, perfectly sets the mood for the film. The clash of art, music, colour and passion creates such an unresistible combination. It's an amazing way of grabbing an audience's attention because they so rarely see posters done like art (which takes us back to number 100) that they immediately pique the interest - if only for a brief moment to marvel at the design.

This list isn't about how effective the posters are - I have no idea of that - but on a purely visual basis, Salon Mexico comes up trumps.

''I'm Mrs. most likely to get on the TV for slippin' on the street when getting the groceries/Now, for real, are you kidding me?''

The (I've now decided) best song from Britney's Blackout album is this "Piece of Me" track. It also has the best lyric of the album. Hilarious.

Cause I can't be bothered writing much of anything at the moment.

Why Go To A Gay Bar...

...when you can bring the gay bar to your own home! It saves having to primp and work out and look hot and such because Dannii Minogue doesn't care about you. The video clip for Dannii's ace new song "Touch Me Like That" is very gay, indeed. It's all neon and strobe and lesbians dancing in latex and shit like that.

Also, Dannii's wearing Joan Collins' wig.

Did you get that?


There aren't enough hours in the day to explain how freakin' amazing that is.

Anyway, if you touched Dannii the way she's asking she'd probably sprout rainbows and glitter and an entire chorus line of Judy Garland impersonators it's that gay. But, nevertheless, it's awesome.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

I Hope Clint Mansell Gets a Massive Residuals Check Every Month

Because first his music from Requiem For a Dream was used ad nauseum (most famously in the trailer for The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers) and now I've heard his score for last year's The Fountain (an UMA winner for best original score) in at least three trailers this year. Now we can add I Am Legend to that list.

Yet, still no Oscar nomination :/

100 Greatest Movie Posters: #98 - The Holy Mountain

The Holy Mountain (1973)
Directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky
Unknown Designer
Film Nationality - Mexico
Poster Nationality - USA

Because I have no idea what any of it has to do with anything yet I still think it is visually stunning and if it were a painting it would be hailed as some defining work of art. And considering it's a Jodorowsky film, which means copious amounts of drugs are in order, I imagine this poster is exactly the sort of image to sell The Holy Mountain on.

Repo! The Not-So-Generic Opera

Well... ummm.... er... well... it's... umm...


So, the first word that came to mind after watching this (I guess we call it a) teaser for Repo! The Genetic Opera was "LOL" followed by "WTF" and then "LOL" again.

This is the film by the director of the later Saw films Darren Lynn Bousman with one of the most eclectic casts you'll see for a while - Sarah Brightman, Paul Sorvino, Paris Hilton, Alexa Vega and Giles Anthony Stewart Head. That the film is a musical about organ harvesting is neither here nor there - the macabre has always been connected to the musical genre for whatever reason. But, still, this trailer thing is... just... wtf? I'm sure when we get a proper trailer with some plot exposition it'll start to make a lot more sense but at this present moment we have:

Sarah Brightman looking like she stumbled off the set of The Phantom of the Opera, Paris Hilton looking she she stumbled on set after a night of heavy drinking at a dominatrix club after entering a Kelly Osborne lookalike contest, and Anthony Stewart Head looking like he belongs in the Hostel franchise.

It's all frightfully bizarre, but could be... entertaining? Who knows. I certainly don't. At least it looks original as these things go. It's apparently being released in American on April 25. Hmmm.

This Week On Australian Screens

Cinema Releases for the week 25/10/08

Control - You know I'm a fan of Anton Corbijn's (pronounce Core-Bine) biopic of Joy Division frontman Ian Curtis, Control. It's grown in my mind a lot since I first saw it at the Melbourne International Film Festival, I'd perhaps even bump it up to a B+. Hmm. Nevertheless, Samantha Morton and Sam Riley really should be in the hunt for Oscar nominations not to mention that glorious cinematography by Martin Ruhe.

Eastern Promises - I very much liked David Cronenberg's previous film A History of Violence, but it has since faded in my mind for whatever reasons. And considering this is apparently inferior to that Oscar nominee, I think I may just wait for DVD. I haven't been pining for this film at any stage, if that says something... it does have Vincent Cassel so at least I could stare at him when I do get around to seeing it.

The Ex - Another Zach Braff pseudo-comedy about a guy who doesn't want to grow up. Pass. Interestingly for the DVD release they have used the original foreign poster, where the film went under the title Fast Track, which was much better than the silly oompa loompa poster that was used. Although Braff still looks like an oompa loompa.

Good Luck Chuck - Dane Cook trying to be a clueless romantic and Jessica Alba being a clutz. What doesn't make you want to see this movie? /sarcasm

The Real Dirt on Farmer John - Taggart Siegel's 2005 documentary finally sees a release here. I think it's about... farming?

Saw IV - Yet another addition to this retched franchise. I now know what it felt like to grow up in the '80s and not like the Friday the 13th or Nightmare on Elm Street series. *sigh* Considering the way horror flicks have gone this year maybe there is hope this one will crash and burn. Also, along with Good Luck Chuck, this is the second film released this week that didn't get screened for critics. How unfortunate for them.

Waitress - Some people hate this film, some love it. It's the final film of writer-director-actress Adrienne Shelley who was murdered last November. It stars Golden Globe hopeful Keri Russell and Captain Tightpants. I may see it or I may wait for DVD.

DVD Releases for the week 25/10/07

Big Nothing - The first collaboration between David Schwimmer and Simon Pegg. The next is Run, Fat Boy, Run out now in the UK.

The Dog Problem - I don't intend to see this movie, but it is written and directed by and even stars the incredibly and impossibly hunky Scott Caan so, naturally, I think I should share these Dog Problem publicity photos. You can thank me later.


Fantastic Four and the Rise of the Silver Surfer - Apparently going by the title 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer (click the title and you'll see), there's only one reason to see this sequel and it is encapsulated at the end of this entry. Other than that... there's... well... umm... oh! I know! Wait... no. It's nothing.

Hostel Part II - Do you prefer my Weinerdog being strung up and slaughtered or wrapped in Disney chow?

Box Office for Weekend Oct 18-21
1. Death at a Funeral (2)
2. Michael Clayton (1)
3. Hairspray (6)
4. Rush Hour 3 (4)
5. Rogue Assassin (1)
6. Resident Evil: Extinction (2)
7. The Brave One (2)
8. The Kingdom (3)
9. A Mighty Heart (1)
10. Superbad (5)
11. Evan Almighty (5)
12. The Bourne Ultimatum (8)
13. The Nanny Diaries (3)
14. Ratatouille (8)
15. Stardust (5)
16. Underdog (5)
17. Surf's Up (6)
18. The Seeker: The Dark is Rising (3)
19. Away From Her (3)
20. Bhool Bhulaiya (2)

And as promised...

via, via.