Monday, November 8, 2010

Scream to Scream, Scene by Scene: END CREDITS of Scream (1:40:29-1:46:29)

In this project I attempt to review the entire Scream trilogy scene by scene in chronological order. Heavy spoilers and gore throughout!

SCENE 34 (End Credits)
Length: 6mins

The end, or: Requiem for a Scream.

We've reached the end of our scene by scene dissection of Scream and while I can't say I had done so in the amount of time I had originally hoped, I'm glad I was able to finish it nonetheless. There was some who thought I'd give up after only a few scenes, but how wrong they were. Things such as the Melbourne International Film Festival and a month-long back-and-forth house-sitting expedition held up matters greatly and I ended up finishing a month behind schedule (I wrote the intro on June 23). I had anticipated that Scream would take a while because there's so much exposition to get out of the way, but then Scream 2 and Scream 3 are longer movies (120 and 116 minutes respectively compared to the 106 of Scream).

I have all but scrapped the idea of this project concluding on 14 April 2011, the release date of Scream 4, but who knows what will happen between now and then. Maybe I'll get some freakish creative wave and ride it on throughout the summer. Or, more likely, I'll sit here, my back sticking to my chair as I eat an icypole and think to myself "it's too hot to write about Sarah Michelle Gellar apparently being a bitch on set and inspiring the character of Sarah Darling!", but you never know.

I implore you to get up out of your seat (or off your bed or off the couch or whatever) and give these two men a rousing standing ovation. For reals. They deserve it.

Alas, in the tradition of Gale Weathers... back to me!

If I could do it all again what would I change? I'd do for screencaps for scene 1. To be totally honest with you guys, I hadn't intended on being so thorough as to have over 530 screencaps! If I'd know that I was going to have 66 shots alone from Tatum's death scene I definitely would have gone a bit overboard for Casey's opening sequence. You can probably guarantee that the Scream 2 opening with Jada Pinkett (do I call her that, as she was named at the time, or Jada Pinkett-Smith, which she has since changed her name to?) will feature a few more shots than Scream's. I'm not in a rhythm with how I screencap each scene so I can't exactly stop now.

I do think Soho's cover of "Whisper to a Scream", as heard over the end credits, is my favourite song from the, admittedly quite excellent, soundtrack (it's certainly a better compilation than the sequels, especially Scream 3, which was so strangely obsessed with heavy rock type music, blegh!).

I am looking forward to discussing Scream 2 with you guys. My favourite scene of the entire trilogy is found within it and, I gotta tell ya, I am looking forward to Laurie Metcalfe getting some blog love. That never happens!

I like these credit facial cards that they used. I especially like that several of them use images that I specifically mentioned as favourite shots of the individual characters. I'm looking at Arquette's so cute "she's with me!" moment and Kennedy's grape eatin' "working, thank you" reaction.

Speaking of Jamie Kennedy, why isn't he included amongst the first batch of performers who are all in alphabetical order. He's probably in it less than the others, but he is equally important.

Seriously, it bears repeating!

I don't mean to give short thrift to the rest of the production team, but I can't screencap every single credit! They're all deserving of a moment of honour though! As the credits come to their end, Dillon Dixon's "I Don't Care" plays and it's another of my favourites from the soundtrack - well, it's not on the physical soundtrack, unfortunately - that was actually written by Marco Beltrami, the score's composer.

Love this diss to "The Santa Rosa City School District Governing Board" since they forced the production to move to another town called Healdsburg to film the school sequences after they read the screenplay and decided it was too violent.

And that, they say, is that. Up next... Scream 2!


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Wings said...

Congratulations, kudos & thank you! It has been great going scene by scene with you! Take a good rest & then part 2! woohoo!

Anderson said...

This project was just amazing. Congrats! I read all of them... It really shows your love for the film and also your dedication to the blog. Cheers from Brazil!

Anonymous said...

Can´t wait for the rest...and 2 find out what ur fave scene is! Excellent work so far!

Smashley said...

Sigh, I'm so sad that these are over! I've enjoyed them so much. I don't care about the other 2 movies, but I'll be back to read your scene by scenes for them anyway!

Jamie Kennedy's credit being squeezed in at the end there always bothers me so much!

Fernando Moss said...

=D Can't wait for Scream 2 hehe... Really love this scene by scene posts...Your are amazing!

Jeramey said...

Congrats! I'm a huge fan of this project, and it delights me every time I see you've update it. Keep up the amazing work!

Drew said...

Awesome job, dude. Thanks so much for making this series. V. excited for Scream 2.

A thought about the end credits -- and this is basically the first time I've ever been able to bring this up with people who might understand. Anyone know what the deal is with the final song? "I Don't Care," by Dillon Dixon. Doesn't appear on the soundtrack, and I've always wondered how it might have gotten to be the movie's final song. The outro is memorable to me for having these guitar riffs, echoing creepy-like, over the Dimension Films logo.

I eventually found and downloaded this as an MP3 some years back, and to this day I'm kind of fascinated with it. Anyone else?