Thursday, May 26, 2011

Review: Meek's Cutoff (+ Kelly Reichardt at ACMI Giveaway!)

Meek's Cutoff
Dir. Kelly Reichardt
Year: 2011
Aus Rating: PG
Running Time: 104mins

You can tell a lot from a film’s opening credits. Kelly Reichardt’s latest begins with its title embroidered on a piece of material, it’s an enchanting moment that speaks to the rather simple, sweetly homespun story that Reichardt is about to unfold. Best described as a minimalist western, Meek’s Cutoff’s big moments are not gun-wielding standoffs between heroes and villains, but the breaking of an ox-cart axel, the devastating realisation that much needed water is toxic and the passing of food from a white woman to a Native American “Indian”.

Read the rest at Trespass Magazine.

If you click that link you can also find mini reviews of Reichardt's Old Joy and Wendy & Lucy (another with an incredible Michelle Williams performance at its centre). Trespass are also giving away a double pass to Meek's Cutoff for anybody who lives in Melbourne. Meek's Cutoff really affected me so I hope people seek it out. A

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