Monday, November 22, 2010

Review: Monsters (Part 1)

Dir. Gareth Edwards
Year: 2010
Aus Rating: M
Running Time: 94mins

Monsters is a British independent science-fiction drama that was made on a budget of $500,000, filmed illegally in countries like Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and America and stars a real life couple whose previous work involves TV guest roles and similarly low budget, independent work that many audiences have probably never heard of. Not only is newcomer Gareth Edwards the writer and director, he also cinematographer, production designer and visual effects programmer. Monsters is an awe-inspiring, miraculous filmmaking achievement that ranks as the finest film of the last half a decade. A modern sci-fi classic in the making, Monsters packs a powerful punch to unsuspecting viewers.

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To say I liked Monsters is an understatement. There is a much longer blog "exclusive" review coming up later in the week that I hope y'all will enjoy, but until then this edited down version should hold you long enough.

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