Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hit Me With Your Best Se7en

I'm feeling a bit too crook to really delve in David Fincher's Se7en as a part of Nathaniel Rogers' Hit Me With Your Best Shot series, but thankfully I revisited the film back in May so you can read that if you would like.

Naturally, I had trouble choosing just one, but choose just one I did... after choosing six others. Here are my seven favourite shots from Seven ranked from 7 to 1. I'm not going to go into the hows and whys or these very much, they are are. Enjoy.

I like the slight introduction of colour into this very bleak, very gray world.


He is his gun. He is violence.

The first sight of the van and the unease of "what the hell is gonna happen next?" increases tenfold.

From the opening credits. It's just striking is all.

Love the composition and the way that actual beauty in this world is hard to find, but it can be found in, of all places, the symmetry of study lamps.

My favourite shot is one of the only in the entire film that radiates. Innocence, which is hard to come by, emits from her face and brings a slight ray of hope into the film. Probably why I latch onto this shot most of all.

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Anonymous said...

"He is his gun. He is violence."

Reminds me of a scene when he's interrogating the owner of the sex shop. Mills derides the owner for seeing deviance in a daily bases, even if he 'sees it everyday' too.