Thursday, August 9, 2012

MIFF 2012 Review: Sound of My Voice

Sound of My Voice
Dir. Zal Batmanglij
Country: USA
Aus Rating: N/A
Running Time: 89mins

One of the hotly buzzed titles of the festival has been Zal Batmanglij’s directorial debut, the unsettling and finely tuned cult drama, Sound of My Voice. A richly textured example of economical filmmaking that was made on a pittance and written as, I can only assume, a starring vehicle for co-writer Brit Marling. Much like last year’s Another Earth, which Marling also co-wrote, Sound of My Voice is a lo-fi approach to a more mainstream genre. Whereas Earth examined the possibilities of redemption and forgiveness against the backdrop of science fiction, Voice sees its characters debate the very notions of reality and accountability within the confines of a cult conspiracy film.

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