Wednesday, August 29, 2012

MIFF 2012 Review: Keep the Lights On, Facing Mirrors & Mosquita y Mari

Keep the Lights On
Dir. Ira Sacha
Country: USA
Aus Rating: N/A
Running Time: 90mins

... There’s a moment when Lindhardt’s Erik passes a graffiti sign that reads “FAKE YOUR BEAUTY”, which is actually a good motto for Keep the Lights On. Sachs has certainly made his film look very nice, a professionalism that is sadly lacking from much gay cinema, but it doesn’t quite cover up the fact that the movie doesn’t have anything particularly new to say – in the end it’s still a domestic drama about two people torn apart by tragedy. The actors, especially Lindhardt walking a tightrope of fey, are wonderful and Sachs has imbued the visuals with a warm New York glow without ever resorting to travelogue sightseeing imagery. The song score by Arthur Russell could nauseate some, but I found the dizzying crooning to be lovely. Meanwhile, the gay sex scenes are refreshingly realistic and open, plus the screenplay by Sachs and Mauricio Zacharias thankfully avoids preachy grandstanding about Gay Issues (although an out-of-nowhere AIDS scare is on the nose).

Read the rest at The Film Experience

Click the above link also for the reviews of Facing Mirrors and the superb Mosquita y Mari, one of my tip top favourites of the festival!


David Opie said...

I haven't seen the others but I thought Keep the Lights On was a fantastic film all in all, although I agree that it didn't offer anything new.

Anonymous said...

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