Thursday, November 24, 2011

Review: X

Dir. Jon Hewitt
Year: 2011
Rating: MA15+
Running Time: 85mins

The opening scene of risqué new Australian film X features a beautiful woman (Viva Bianca) in the driver’s seat of a car cruising through the upper-class suburbs of Sydney. She’s wearing a beautiful dress, her hair in a cute brunette bob and she is listening to French lessons on her car stereo system as she makes her way to something, somewhere. Perhaps she’s joining her fellow socialites for brunch, or attending an important business meeting. This being a Jon Hewitt film, you should already know that was never going to be the case. Instead, she’s on her way to perform for a group of wealthy clientele by removing her clothes and having sex with the equally good looking Giles (Darren Moss in an eye-opening debut) right there on the living room table in a room filled with antique furniture and expensive paintings on the wall. And all while the female voyeurs sip daintily from champagne flutes.

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