Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Review: Sanctum

Dir. Alister Grierson
Year: 2011
Aus Rating: M
Running Time: 109mins

Woody Allen’s 1993 gem Bullets Over Broadway about an aging theatrical diva in prohibition-era New York City may be a strange film to think of while watching the new 3D adventure film Sanctum. And yet here I am recalling Dianne Wiest’s alcoholic star of the stage Helen Sinclair and her memorable catchphrase: “Don’t speak!”

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Yes, do read on because even I was surprised that I was able to somehow get a Woody Allen reference into the first paraphraph of my review of the new 3D adventure movie starring Richard Roxburgh and his nose (that nose joke was for Mel Campbell).

Speaking of Onya Magazine though, I'm kinda the new film editor there so you will hopefully be seeing a much larger coverage of Australian film there (and, subsequently, here) as I try to attempt to review a large percentage of all the Australian films that get released. I'll probably go down in flames attempting it, but we'll see, shall we?


CMrok93 said...

It doesn't look terrible, just cheesy, and it is banking too much on the fact that it's produced by James Cameron. Also, I found it stupid that it's also rated-R, which doesn't seem like a smart box office idea.

Glenn Dunks said...

The R rating is perhaps not smart for box office, but I was so glad they went for it. There's nothing in there that would warrant the rating apart from the language, but as Grierson said (and I paraphrase) "nobody as 'gosh darn' when their limbs are being crushed."

The frequent use of the word "fuck" was quite refreshing, actually.