Friday, July 17, 2009

Black + White Friday: The Exorcist

William Friedkin's The Exorcist has always intrigued me. Apart from the obvious things - well-made, scary, though provoking, etc - there has always been this feeling with me that the movie feels more intimate than it really is. It reminds me of a British horror movie of sorts, with it's gloomy weather and with its use of art direction. So I wonder what it would look like if done like a small British movie like Seance on a Wet Afternoon? We shall see.

This looks more like something out of Ingar Bergman's Fanny and Alexander, actually.

The Exorcist is a good example of a ouija board. I remember there was a British horror flick from early in the decade (maybe even earlier?) about a bunch of kids who release a demon via their ouija board. It was a bad example.

This attic sequence is, actually, my favourite scene in The Exorcist. No surprise that it is the most similar to the old sort of fright flicks that the movie reminds me of in look.

You know what? This moment is scary no matter what the colour scheme. Whoever thought to put that in there - whether it be the screenwriter of the director or the editor - they deserve a prize. A big shiny prize. Hopefully one that isn't possessed though.

God, I really do love Ellen Burstyn. I think the screencaps of her, especially, feel like actual shots from old ghost stories.

If this movie were made in the '50s what child actress would have been cast as Reagan? Of course, this movie wouldn't have actually been made in the '50s, but that is besides the point.

Love the cross shadow across her face. There is so much fascinating imagery in this movie that even a scene in which the power goes out can be taken as much more. And I just wanted to include the smaller image because it's such a great moment too, but doesn't really play as anything different when in black and white.

Oh you knew I was gonna do this moment, didn't you? Looks even better in black and white, too! See, doesn't this just remind of you a scene from some old Jack the Ripper movie or something?

Such a great moment and a nice little play of the camera. I actually think the way the room is lit makes it quite astonishing in black and white.

And so I said to myself, "I should get a cap of the 'spider walk', but I don't remember where it is" (the DVD I have is, obviously, the Version You've Never Seen) and I just randomly clicked on the playbar and what scene should pop up? I do believe it's magic that made it happen. Or Satan. ONE OF THE TWO!

Also, I want this:

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simbo said...

The answer to "which actress would have played this in the fifties" is probably Patti Duke. It usually is... hell, the early stages of The Miracle Worker are basically "possessed kiddy" acting...

Although now I'm thinking I'd love to see the Hammer Horror version where they cast Hayley Mills...