Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Review: The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life
Dir. Terrence Malick
Year: 2011
Aus Rating: M15+
Running Time: 140mins

The Tree of Life begins with a dance, as ribbons of colour and light flirt amidst the empty nothingness of space. This is the dawn of time as seen through the eyes of writer/director Terrence Malick in his sprawling 140-minute look at the meaning of existence. In between the dancing space clouds and dinosaurs (yes, there are glorious dinosaurs) is a story of the trauma inflicted by a father onto his sons and the painful emotional scarring that continues to root deep into the psyche long into adulthood. It’s an ambitious film and an important one; but Malick’s soliloquy to the long-gone period of American life that he grew up in, occasionally gets lost amidst its formless structure and picturesque images.

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For sure, The Tree of Life is a difficult film to discuss in only < 450 words, but I think I managed to get my main points across. Also: I would've liked more dinosaurs. Then again, every movie could use more dinosaurs.

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