Thursday, December 16, 2010

Review: Somewhere

Dir. Sofia Coppola
Year: 2010
Aus Rating: M
Running Time: 97mins

What can one make of Sofia Coppola and Somewhere? Many will criticise her for yet again making a wistful movie about rich and privileged folk, just like Marie Antoinette and Lost in Translation before, filled with beautiful people who have a penchant for staring out of windows as breezy indie pop wails on the soundtrack. And while it can’t be denied that Somewhere (Coppola’s fourth film) is similar in structure to Lost in Translation; there is a striking patience within it and a modern poeticism about it that allows it to cast its own unique beguiling spell.

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I simply adored this movie. I need to see it again, but right now it sits just below Lost in Translation as my favourite Coppola, but could easily rise. It has an even more bittersweet quality to it than Translation. So my delicate and beautifully help moments. How about that face mask scene? Or the long pan out of Dorff and Fanning beside the pool? Or those final shots of the car? That opening sequence, too, is one of the most - and I use this word in the review - patient ones I can recall of recent films. All but daring people to decide straight away whether they're going to stick with it for not bother.

I mentioned during my Design of a Decade series of decade round-ups that Sofia's "soundtracks have become events in themselves", and Somewhere is a really interesting one. Less floaty indie pop and more mainstream flare. Where else could you ever expect to hear Gwen Stefani's lush "Cool" (with those silky smooth "coo-coo" parts) next to Phoenix's brilliant paean "Love Like the Sunset Part II" next to Bryan Ferry's "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" next to Amerie's "1 Thing"? Excellent stuff yet again, although perhaps not as far-reaching. And, really, points do get deducted for having The Police on there. For shame, Sofia! For shame... A-

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Runs Like A Gay said...

I think Somewhere is turning into a Marmite movie (you either love it or hate it), personally I wasn't so keen but I suspect that's partly because I paid well over the odds to get into a showing.