Thursday, September 9, 2010

Scream to Scream, Scene by Scene: SCENE 21 of Scream (0:55:48-0:58:47)

In this project I attempt to review the entire Scream trilogy scene by scene in chronological order. Heavy spoilers and gore throughout!

Length: 2mins 59secs
Primary Characters: Sidney Prescott, Tatum Riley, Deputy Dewey and Sheriff Burke
Pop Culture References:
  • The Town That Dreaded Sundown (Sidney mentions it)
  • Meg Ryan and Tori Spelling (Casting ideas for a movie based on the events of Scream)
  • Vertigo (okay, so not REALLY a reference, but Tatum's skirt reminds me of Hitchcock's film)

More of the Scream trilogy's unofficial (or is official?) anthem, Nick Cave's "Red Right Hand". I just tweeted Wes Craven asking him if the song will be in Scream 4. I certainly hope it is! It would be like a Never Ending Story movie without Limahl on the soundtrack!

I seriously must visit this town. It looks so gorgeous!

"Wow, look at this place. It's like the town that dreaded sundown."
"Yeah I saw that movie. It's about a killer in Texas, huh?"

Aren't they all about a killer in Texas?

But seriously, look at Tatum's skirt. Loving how retro it is

And now for another hilarious moment of dialogue. It's one of the talky bits that everyone seems to remember with fondness because of the payoff in Scream 2. Just imagine in Meg Ryan showed up in one of the new sequels. Now that would be something.

"Hey Sid just think, if they make a movie about you who's gonna play you?"

"I shudder to think."

"I see you as a young Meg Ryan, myself."

"Thanks Dewey, but knowing my luck they'd cast Tori Spelling."

How adorable are the looks of Rose and David's faces in that third shot. I've already said it, but they make such a cute brother and sister team.

I wanna go grocery shopping with Tatum!

Now, Sidney Prescott was never the most vibrant movie character - the "final girl" rarely is - but she almost always comes off as the kind of perfectly normal person I imagine I'd like to have as a friend simply because she's not insane. This bit, however, is one of the few times she comes off as truly non-friend material. Of all the things to be self-loathing about she chooses the whole 17-year-old-with-a-brutally-murdered-mother-who-has-no-desire-to-have-sex-with-her-boyfriend thing and calls herself "sexually anorexic". As Tatum says, "so you have a few intimacy issues as a result of your mothers untimely death"... and, ya know, going to trial and putting a man on death row for it and then dealing with a new batch of killings.

"Billy and his penis don't deserve you."

Preach it sista!

Okay, now he's just flaunting his ability to go by seemingly unnoticed despite wearing a really obvious costume. No wonder these guys were so successful at killing people when the townspeople are that stupid.

Does this not look like a perfect odd couple sitcom pairing? Even the way Joseph Whipp's Sheriff barks "Dewey, where the hell you been?" and especially Dewey's ice-cream.

I like how every time the Sheriff takes a drag of his cigarette Dewey takes a lick of his ice-cream. He may have been "24 for a whole year", as he told Gale earlier, but he's still a child at heart.

The Sheriff and his deputy are discussing how the phone calls made to Casey Becker came from Sidney's father. Dewey asks "there's no way the cellular could have been cloned?" and I am fairly certain Scream is the only place I've ever heard the terminology of phones being "cloned". Also, wow, how 1996!

This shot makes me giggle.

While I don't think anyone truly suspected Sheriff Burke as the killer it's nice that they kept up the idea of having everyone wear chunky black boots so as to make everyone remain a suspect.

Just for reference, there is 48 minutes of the movie left but only 41 once you remove the credits so we're nearly there folks!

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Wings1295 said...

Cool stuff, and yeah, how did Billy or Stu get off being in costume in the market? Sheesh!

talone said...

I really love this series. Congratulations!

And Tatum is the shit!

JJ said...

You can totally tell Tatum beat the shit out of anyone who picked on Sidney growing up.

Volvagia said...

Um...the term "clone" was used on The Wire in regards to a pager. So, the term may be dated, but by no less than 8 years.