Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Review: Happy Feet Two

Happy Feet Two
Dir. George Miller
Year: 2011
Aus Rating: PG
Running Time: 100mins

Five years after those toe-tapping penguins sashayed into cinemas, George Miller returns to Antarctica with Happy Feet Two. A truly strange animated film that I can’t fathom many people clamoured for, but still manages to succeed at being an inventive experience. While the plot – Mumbles must save his penguin clan after they become trapped by a moving glacier – seems curiously secondary, where Miller succeeds is in the oft breathtaking animation, choice music selections and a truly radical subplot involving a pair of krill that must be seen to be believed.

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You may remember that I spoke of this film last week and I still find that aspect of the film to be particularly memorable. Good to know.

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