Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Review: Wake in Fright

Wake in Fright
Dir. Ted Kotcheff
Year: 1971
Aus Rating: M (2009 ReRelease)
Running Time: 114mins

What’s dirty, sweaty, enthralling, dangerous, thrilling and covered in the orange haze of the desert? That would be Ted Kotcheff’s seminal Australian outback thriller Wake in Fright. A film of myth and legend within the film buff’s landscape for nearly 40 years since its premiere in 1971. Hailed by audiences and even a young Martin Scorsese at the Cannes Film Festival before screening in America and Britain. It was ripped to shreds by Aussie audiences – the miniscule amount of audiences that actually went – and since then the original prints went missing with the film to only ever pop up occasionally on late night television as presented by Bill Collins. The film was thought lost forever and a sad casualty of this country’s capacity for cultural cringe.

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