Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Review: Mao's Last Dancer

Mao's Last Dancer
Dir. Bruce Beresford
Year: 2009
Aus Rating: PG
Running Time: 117mins

Some readers may be surprised to learn that Mao’s Last Dancer is indeed an Australian film. Being set primarily in China and the USA, and featuring mostly American actors, it would be easy to not realise the Australian connection, but it is funded solely by Australia, and underneath the international sheen is a collection of Australian talent. Hopefully, the tact works, and this film becomes a local and international success, because it would be nice to see audiences respond to this Australian telling of a very worldly tale.

My full review of Mao's Last Dancer can be found at Onya.


simon said...

I will click thru but thought I'd comment on your teaser paragraph - I think anyone witnessing Jack Thompson's attempt at an accent in this film could guess it's not American, anyways...

Paul Martin said...

I didn't have a problem with Thompson or his accent. It's a part he's played many times before.

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