Thursday, November 6, 2008

Black + White Friday: Eight Legged Freaks

Before the trend of making horror films in the style of the '70s and '80s (see Grindhouse and many many other recent horror films of late) began this movie from 2002 decided to recreate the horror flicks of the '50s where giant animals wreaked havoc on small town America. These tales tended to be allegories for the war and paranoia of the times. Eight Legged Freaks - originally named Arac Attack until the looming Iraq war put a halt on that title - has no such undercurrents. It's just a straight out monster movie. I actually quite liked this when I saw it at the cinema back in 2002 and even before seeing it I had anticipation for it. I don't like spiders (Arachnophobia frightens the life outta me) but this movie looked like FUN! Alas, the film flopped and its director, Ellory Elkayam, has been stuck making bad direct-to-DVD sequels ever since (Without a Paddle 2, anyone?)

I thought I'd give this film it's due, especially since I recently tried to watch Them! I had liking it until the DVR froze and I was left with one static image for the remaining hour. Ugh.

Oooh, how foreshadowing! lol. Geddit? Oh dear...

Shouldn't this lady be working in a diner serving apple pie and pouring unlimited cups of coffee?


I don't think there were motorcross bikes back in the 1950s. Nevertheless, this scene is gold because it leads right to...

THISOMGLOL!!! Amazing.

Remember when Scarlett Johansson starred in movies that were deliberately shit instead of just accidentally? And, yes, that is indeed ScarJo.

There actually aren't that many moments that replicate the old movies like Them! but this is one of them. These trailers are always in 1950s horror movies because, I presume, they provide good fodder to rip open like a sardine can.

Oh David Arquette. How good you are at expressing confusion, stupidity and perplexment. Aah.

I don't really have anything to say about this one.

Because it wouldn't be modern without a massacre scene, no?


Catherine said...

I have the biggest terror of spiders ever, so I'm still baffled to why I agreed to see this film with a bunch of my friends. I guess that's peer pressure for you. Ew.

Anonymous said...


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