Friday, June 25, 2010

Review: Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3
Dir. Lee Unkrich
Year: 2010
Aus Rating: G
Running Time: 103mins

In the 15 years since Pixar Studios presented Toy Story to audiences for the first time, cinema has changed. Computer-generated animation is no longer a novelty, it is fact of life. Animation is no longer a genre simply for young audiences and it is now given the respect that it deserves as an art form all of its own. With Toy Story 3 Pixar, animation and audiences come full circle, right back to where it all began and, quite frankly, it’s a wonderful feeling.

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Toy Story 3 is out today. I'd like to stress that I did not cry during this movie. I am not an easy cryer at the movies, but at least Toy Story 3 earns the tears of anybody who does cry, unlike Up, which threw a bunch of manipulation at the audience in the first five minutes and just expected people to cry (they did, apparently - did they cry when they watch the news every night?) The scene where everyone seems to be welling up, well, I did get a big ol' lump in my throat and felt the tears coming on, but I didn't. Is there something wrong with me or is the issue with those who seem to cry at the drop of a hat?


Simon Miraudo said...

There is something SERIOUSLY wrong with you, although I thought that was the case long before I read your comments on crying in Up and Toy Story 3.

Glenn Dunks said...

See, I wouldn't have an issue with people crying at the start of Up if they'd man up and say they cry during Beaches, too. Or My Sister's Keeper or The Other Sister, but that's what I don't get. These are animated characters that you haven't even spent 90 minutes watching. Of course it's understandable to feel sadness at a moment of someone having a miscarriage, but that's because anybody having a miscarriage is sad. It's manipulation pure and simple. Do you sit on the couch bawling your eyes out whenever you watch the news? That shit is depressing too and it's real!

Jason Adams said...

I didn't see My Sister's Keeper but the trailer made me cry. I have cried more tears in my life over Beaches than I have over all of my grandparents dying, and that's a fact (only since I've seen Beaches far more times than I have dead grandparents, but still). I cried for the first half an hour of Up, and then I stopped liking the movie for most of the rest of it. And yes, I cried for half of Toy Story 3. I feel I should limit myself to only speaking of the films you mentioned because we could be here all day otherwise. Oh and if it's an especially sad story they're talking about I do most definitely cry during the news.


Glenn Dunks said...

At least you're admitting you're a cryer and now just some weird person who cries at animated characters he's never even seen for longer than 30 seconds!

Kevin said...

The fact that people tear-up or cry during the frst 10 minutes of the nearly-silent (except Michael Giacchino's Oscar-winning musical score) montage of Carl and Ellie's life together is a testiment to the filmmaker's skill and restraint. I don't think people cry when Ellie has a miscarriage, its at the end when she's slowing down and then dies. That opening encapsulates a lot of life's expeiences into a short period of time, so no wonder people are moved because it brings up memories of their own life. So, i don't think you have to have lived with characters for two hour before you feel anything for them. There's lots of movies that left me dry-eyed: FORREST GUMP, LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL. I think UP earned those tears in a short period of time.

James T said...

I had the same reaction as you did re: crying during Toy Story 3. I almost cried.

I'm not sure where I stand on the "beginning of UP" but I didn't cry then also. I sure think Toy Story 3 was moving because of the truth and relatability of the situation and not because of cheap tricks (music doesn't count - it's always there to push you a little). It's really kind of impressive that they managed to move us without anyone dying or a couple being separated for eternity etc. It was like a "it's sad in a way we can accept it as one of life's inevitable hard moments" thing.

Glenn Dunks said...

I guess I just don't understand how people can have such overwhelming feelings to characters they literally just met. I dunno. That you're citing the music just makes me think "manipulation" even more.

Although I do think age may come into it, which I think it understandable. I dunno. As I said, I tend to not cry too easily.

Solo said...

Haha, me neither. I went to see Up with my bestie and his boyfriend. During that opening sequence I was thinking 'Oh, they're expecting me to cry here. Even though I don't know these characters. And the trailer already let me know the wife dies' Then I looking at my boy and he was bawling (Like a little bitch with a skinned knee) and his partner was snivelling away. I didn't get it myself, I'd agree with you- the news is more upsetting because conversely to Pixar you know it doesn't have a happy ending.

I haven't seen TS3 yet, but I'm quietly confident I won;t be crying at that either...