Wednesday, August 5, 2009


You won't be getting much out of me today since I am still very sick - it's going around, unfortunately - but I wanted to bring this article to your attention. It will only affect Australians, but it's still a shameful indictment on the state of film distribution.

The matter at hand is the new Matthew Newton film Three Blind Mice will not even be receiving a release in Sydney, the film's home.

IT HAS screened at 14 film festivals around the world, winning warm reviews and a critics’ award in London.

Yet when Matthew Newton’s feature film Three Blind Mice opens around Australia this month, it is unlikely to be shown in its home city of Sydney.


The distributor, John L. Simpson, said yesterday that the city’s arthouse cinemas had rejected Three Blind Mice as not commercial enough. ‘‘We’re not fooling ourselves – it’s not Titanic – but it’s an excellent film with a unique Australian voice,’’ he said.

"Excellent" is putting it mildly. It's the best Aussie film of the year, yes even better than Samson & Delilah, so the raw deal this film keeps getting is both baffling, maddening and depressing. It screened as a part of the AFI screenings last year and was promptly snubbed in every category (for what? Unfinished Sky? No thank you!) and now it's taken this long to even receive a release at all and now even that is in trouble. Such a shame. I really hope that eventually people do discover this movie and the immense talent within it. It's a great and bold achievement, one that will sadly go unnoticed. I can only encourage everybody to see if it they notice it playing at a cinema near you. Hell, even if you have to travel a bit just go and see it!

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FranklinBluth said...

Perhaps if it does quite well in Melbourne it might get a release in Sydney?

'it's not Titanic'

... was anyone suggesting that it was...!?!?!?