Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Electric Links

Some links for y'all.

Animated Horror! Well Medicated Design (part 2) lists 100 illustrated horror posters. Literally 97 out of these 100 are amazing, including the one to the left. I may have to do a separate entry about all of these.

Sexy! Yes Yes Yes! Rants of a Diva lists his ten "sexiest movies" in response to yet another (do they ever quit?) Entertainment Weekly list. And, yes, "I couldn't keep my erection down during that one" does get spoken.

I just freeze every time you see through me! DefamerAU interviews Ladyhawke (who's self-titled album is quite excellent) and brings up two of my all time favourite things: Bruce Springsteen ("I used to imagine myself AS Bruce Springsteen when I was five years old, standing on a stage playing guitar in front of thousands of people, wearing denim on denim with the red bandanna tied around my head") and Icehouse's "Electric Blue" ("That song used to make me feel funny when I was a kid"). Amazing.

Tina Arena Not Supplied! The Outland Institute investigates the Young Talent Time Game. Can I play as Dannii?!?

For/Consideration The Film Experience hosts yet another piece by me. This time discussing Frost/Nixon's FYC campaign and Angelina Jolie on the rampage.

Not quite as addicted to The Bass! PopJustice sums up that new Natalie Bassingthwaighte videoclip quite succinctly.

My opinion is right! InContention has a great piece on what it means to have an opinion and why some people are so entirely blind to the fact that not everybody thinks alike (and that it would be a very boring world if we did) and feel like their opinion is superior. I hate those sort of people.

And because it will cease to never not be fantastic, here is Icehouse's "Electric Blue" clip. Stunning in every possible way. That mullet is E-P-I-C, no?


Adem With An E said...

The new NatBass song is utter shit, don't you reckon???

Dame James said...

Thanks for the linkage (and congrats on cleverly sneaking in a Girls Aloud reference as well!)