Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Only Way Was Up

Lest we forget that the first of X-Men's "origin" prequels (or whatever, who can keep track as to what's what with that franchise at the moment?), punnily titled First Class had what could fairly be described as two of the worst posters ever. I don't just mean "lol, they were bad", but they were offensively terrible in a way that big budget Hollywood fare rarely truly achieves. Do we need a refresher?

Actively the worst posters of 2011 and I would not be at all surprised to see them reign supreme at the end of 2009 as the worst of the decade. They're that bad. So, really, for X-Men: Days of Future Past could only go up with their key art and, thankfully, the first teaser posters releases recently aren't entirely woeful. Let's not go getting crazy and out of hand here, they're little more than attractively adequate, but that they're so far away from those First Class disasters that they kinda deserve a standing ovation.

The idea is neat, the execution neat-ish (although the Fassbender one doesn't quite line up - but his certainly looks more related if that makes sense). I like the mix of black and white with colour because it's at least eye-catching and will bring cinemagoers in for a closer look. I wonder if they will do it for all the characters or just these two? I guess the prequel featured mostly mutants that weren't in any of the other films and from what I gather Rebecca Romijn as Mystique won't be travelling back in time to meet Jennifer Lawrence, so that's out the window. 

I look forward to seeing how this marketing campaign develops over the year. Really, the only was is up.

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