Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What Do These Actresses Have In Common

Nicole Kidman
Rachel Weisz
Jessica Chastain
Vera Farmiga
Samantha Morton
Laura Dern
Cate Blanchett
Anne Heche
Emily Watson
Winona Ryder
Melanie Lynskey
Catherine Zeta-Jones
Laura Linney
Kerry Washington

They'd surely all be better choices for the role of Lady Macbeth in the new Justin Kurzel/Michael Fassbender adaptation of Shakespeare's Macbeth than Natalie Portman. Natalie Portman. Really. I like Natalie Portman so I probably shouldn't be as perturbed by her casting here than I am, but I just find it a bit disappointing. So many actresses - many of them notoriously "tricky" or "cold" - that would have worked far better as the famed Lady. I mean, can you imagine someone like Anne Heche or Winona Ryder getting a meaty role to really dig into after all of this time? Or the perhaps more obviously choices above, like Kidman or Chastain who have played cold so very well in the past. As I said yesterday, doesn't it feel like Kidman has been auditioning for the part for a decade? In fact, several of the actors above have acted in roles that were disguised (barely even that if you consider Linney in Mystic River) variations on the part in other movies.

Look, I'm not going write Natalie off just yet, but it's a little bit disappointing is all. I'd still be eager to see what Kurzel and Fassbender do with the property even if they'd cast somebody entirely inappropriate like, say, Emma Watson. Now, can you imagine that? Admittedly, Portman will have more of a chance for success if the adaptation is set in the present day; period fare has seen her flounder more than once. Nevertheless, this continues to be a curious project to follow.


Lights Camera Reaction said...

I adore Portman. However, even I think she's wrong for the role. I'm hoping she surprises though. Apparently she's been wanting to play Lady Macbeth for years, so at least she's gonna give it her all.

Winona Ryder would be perfect for it in my opinion.

PS - I can't see Portman pulling off a scottish accent haha.

Keith Gow said...

I can't think of anything less interesting than casting a "cold" female actor in the role of Lady Macbeth. A one-dimensional, expected "cold" performance for Lady M is a dull choice. The most recent Lady Macbeth I have seen was Kate Mulvany in Bell Shakespeare's production last year - she was the highlight of the production because there were moments of warmth and humour. And no one would ever mistake Mulvany for being cold.

I shall await Portman's performance with interest. I'm not saying that those other actors wouldn't be amazing in the role, I just think your position lacks ambition.

Angelica Jade said...

I definitely agree with you. I love Portman but one thing against her in this role is that she reads very young. But maybe she will be able to work it to ger advantage. I would LOVE to see Rachel Weisz in the role of Lady Macbeth, to be honest.