Thursday, April 11, 2013

Scary Trailer

One thing I have definitely noticed in my brief amount of time here in America is that horror is a big deal. In Australia, the genre is considered such weak sauce that Mama, a US box office smash starring Jessica Chastain, got a limited released on 55 screens compared to the usual 300+. Another US box office number one, Texas Chainsaw 3D will be going direct to home entertainment at some point in the future and Sinister is also still awaiting a release of some kind. Any kind. Meanwhile, it was just announced that Fede Alvarez's remake of The Evil Dead, which just debuted at the top of the American box office with quite a hefty sum of money, will follow the track of last year's Cabin in the Woods "exclusive" release on the barest number of screens. What a sad state of affairs, really, and whenever I mention any of this to my American friends and they can't quite imagine it.

 No where was this cultural difference more obvious than when I went down to a local cinema here in Astoria, Queens, to see Evil Dead. After the prerequisite onslaught of ads that start playing BEFORE the session is supposed to start - which seems like a cackle-worthy prank by exhibitors who watch audiences arrive early by cultural default onto to make them sit through more ads than they otherwise would if everybody just showed up at the time the banner states! - my quietly-attended Monday afternoon session bore witness to eight movie trailers (it may have been more, but I presumably lost track). Below are all the horror trailers that we saw in order of most anticipated. As for Evil Dead? Well, you'll have to wait a bit for my review in my new feature at Quickflix.


 I am most definitely looking forward to The Conjuring. I was a big fan of James Wan's Insidious and I do keep meaning to go back and watch Dead Silence, which is another scary title that I don't think got a release outside of DVD in Australia. As far as the marketing I definitely preferred the "clapping teaser" and this new trailer tends to overdo the bombast on occasion, but I still think it does a great job at selling the creepy, old school vibe that plays more to my sensibilities than... Evil Dead? What really makes me intrigued, beyond the obvious stuff, are the actors. Put Lily Taylor (hoping to redeem her horror cred many years after the dreadful The Haunting remake) and Vera Farmiga (still on her genre bent that's included Orphan and Bates Motel amongst others) together and I'll probably go see it no matter what.


I am incredibly wary of The Purge, let me tell you. I mean, for starters, the entire premise of one day a year being allotted for Americans to wage war upon each other and vent whatever violence they have stored within them is incredibly farfetched. And then, of course, there's the politics of the lone black man bringing upon such pain and suffering on the clearly quite well off, upper-middle class white family at the centre of the plot. My eyebrow was cocked, that's for sure. Still, once the scary stuff begins it basically looks just like The Strangers with Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman and I'm on board. Home invasion horror films can be hit or miss: for every The Strangers there's a Kidnapped, you know? We'll hold up hope for this Ethan Hawke starrer, though.


We've briefly discussed this remake of Carrie and I'm still not impressed upon seeing this trailer on the big screen. If anything, Chloe Grace Moretz is even more annoying projected many feet high. It just makes her attractiveness even more obvious. Sigh. Is this what it was like for non-fans of Molly Ringwald growing up in the 1980s? Still, even in that case, Ringwald wasn't out there shoving wannabe franchises under her arm. Sigh again. I am intrigued by Julianne Moore though, and especially Judy Greer. In regards to the latter, it's just disappointing that she gets a potentially great dramatic role and it's in a film like Carrie. Sigh even more. I received several comments on here and on Twitter about how in Stephen King's book Carrie White does indeed enjoy her powers. In the book, Carrie White is also overweight. Not even Stephen King's own television movie version didn't go there. That says quite a bit, does it not?


Trust me: this is scarier than anything we'll see in the previous three movies. Right? Yikes. Paranormal Activity certainly could have been ripe for spoofing, but none of it is at all funny. Not even chucklesome. And, really, what is going on with Lindsay Lohan and Heather Locklear's faces? They could be cast as mother and daughter and actually resemble one another. Truly terrifying. I guess the "V" makes it classy.



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