Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Jonathan Groff Undressed, You Like?

Okay, so that post title is a misnomer. Alas, when Jonathan Groff sings "Anything Goes" and the lyric about liking him undressed comes along, there's really no other answer but "yes!"

Are you not in love with Jonathan Groff now? I mean, you probably were already - how could you not? - but now? Doubly so. I could watch him giggle and flirt his way through a Cole Porter tap routine any day. Singing, too. He's basically perfection. Sigh. Mae West would have a field day.

I hadn't seen this video before until Go Fug Yourself mentioned it in a piece on the sublime Judith Light and the MCC's "Miscast Benefit". I am so thankful that they did. I mean, the song is fabulous anyways - although has anybody heard the Mel C version from this apparently musical theatre-inspired album that she released last year (according to Wikipedia)? I haven't, nor do I care to right now - but... well, how many times and ways can I say that Jonathan Groff is just divine?

And if Jonathan Groff undressed is something you would indeed like and not just in the context of the lyrics to a Broadway tune? Well, there are places one can go for that (definitely NSFW!)!

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claire said...

*sigh* He's delightful.