Thursday, February 14, 2013

Naomi and David, Tied to Mulholland Drive

For as long as Naomi Watts is an actress, David Lynch's magnum opus Mulholland Drive will continue to be referenced. It's incredible, the consistency with Watts' break-through role in Mulholland Drive from 2001 comes up in interviews with the actress. She's currently on screen in The Impossible, the somewhat problematic retelling of one family's ordeal in the Boxing Day Tsunami of 2006, and in the video below she discusses making the film alongside the real life woman she is portraying. And yet in between all the talk of how strong this woman and her family were, how literally breathtaking it was to film in giant water tanks day after day, there appears Mulholland Drive (and Nicole Kidman, another consistent go-to subject in Naomi interviews).

"She kept saying 'it's just gonna take one thing. One thing, Na'. You know, if you're in a hit film, or... you know, everything changes.' And that's what happened. She was right."
"The film? David Lynch's Mulholland Drive."

Of course she was right, Naomi. She's NICOLE KIDMAN, HELLO!

Lynch's film is not just my favourite of the last decade, but also one of the best films I have ever seen, period. Every time I rewatch it I become enamoured with it all over again. Wrapped up in its Hollywood magic as Angelo Badalamenti's slinky score envelopes the Hollywood Hills. I've often wondered where the story of that film, and the story of Watt's career for that matter, would have gone if the project had remained as a television series like originally planned. Of course, saying that, the final product is so incredible that I (doubt) I'd have it any other way. And as long as Watts continues to be interviewed by the press (and given her upcoming role as Princess Diana, it's hard to imagine she won't anytime soon) they will keep bringing up that fabulous movie and I'll continue to smile each and every time. May just one person discover it and become forever entangled with the world of David Lynch, just like I was.

For what it's worth, I'd never heard the anecdote that Watts imparts as she discusses her role in Peter Jackson's King Kong. You will have to watch the video in order to hear the following quote with her impressive Lynch impersonation, but he apparently said to her: "Naomi, anyone who sits in the hand of King Kong is a movie star for life." While "life" is a very long time, and in regards to Jackson's version of King Kong it sure felt like a lifetime sitting in the cinema, I like the sentiment. That David Lynch is too good.

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Drew Mackie said...

Wholeheartedly agreeing. It's great that the movie is still getting referenced all these years later. Living in L.A., I hear the phrase "Mulholland Drive" a lot, but it's usually in reference to the street.