Saturday, February 16, 2013

Gods & Mothers

"They're beautiful... they're like Gods."

So says Robin Wright in the newly released French trailer for Two Mothers (or Perfect Mothers, quite comically given the context, as it's known in France). Directed by Anne Fontaine, it's a French and Australian co-production, set in Australia, and follows two best friends and mothers who begin elicit affairs with each others' teen son. Word out of its premiere at Sundance was iffy to the say the least, but there's enough in the trailer here to keep me interested. I mean, the dialogue is a bit on the nose - especially whenever these two women discuss their children in awe-struck hyperbole - but I like the fact that there's a movie primarily about two middle-aged women (TWO!) and that the sexual gaze of the film appears to be directed at the lithe young men they sex up and down the coast (that'd be Xavier Samuel and Animal Kingdom's James Frencheville). Obviously the film is very much saying these two women are incredible sexy - I trust Fontaine and screenwriter Christopher Hampton are wise enough to not have a big-haired co-worker of one of these characters call the other a "cougar", right? - but the camera does indeed appear to linger on the bodies of the boys more so than the ladies. We're not complaining.

And it's always nice to see Naomi Watts on screen, and this time she's dug her Australian accent out of that box in the attic she had stored it away in. I can already see myself screaming at the cinema for this film to "BE MORE CAMP!" which may be a problem since it appears to be trying very hard to skirt the issue of its own ridiculousness, but we'll wait and see. Gary Sweet (heard, not seen) saying words like "It's just you two and those boys. That's not really healthy, is it?" gives me hope for some weird Whatever Happened to Baby Jane insanity. And, who knows, maybe the head-shakers out of Utah were just fussy old men who don't like the idea of two sexual women choosing nubile younger men in a flip on traditional expectations in any movie involving men.

Of course, there's also this:

I am a-okay with watching this guy cavort around without clothes on. A. Okay.

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