Saturday, January 12, 2013

Poster Round-Up: Spring Breakers, Goddess, Lore, Blinder

The more I look at this poster for Harmony Korine's upcoming project, Spring Breakers, the more I admire it. It's an unnerving, yet simple, design, one one that sells it as absolutely the subversive take on a familiar genre that it no doubt is. The fluorescent colours only intensify its peculiarity. It almost looks like a photo of a photo that's been inverted and laced with trippy colours, which is why I am finding it so endlessly fascinating. There's a lot going on visually with this poster even if it doesn't quite hit you in the face it (and yet, it also does that and then some - it's a dichotomy of design. It also looks like something David Lynch would do if he made a sequel to INLAND EMPIRE starring tween actresses.

It's certainly more interesting to me than this French poster, which puts all of its lopsided bikini-clad stars - not including James Franco, sadly, but you know he's be up for it - front and centre. I mean, I know that may get some stray gents into the cinema, but the poster doesn't really work other than as a feat of irony. I can't imagine it's a good representation of Spring Breakers, but I could be wrong, I guess. Harmony Korine of all people could have somehow totally gone mainstream on us, right? The film is getting an actual release in, presumably, more than just a handful of cinemas so there's hope yet that Korine could reach the masses with Spring Breakers that he was never able to reach with, er, Trash Humpers. Maybe. Now, if he had have cast Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens as mask-wearing garbage fuckers then perhaps we'd be telling a different story. History would certainly need to be rewritten in that case.

Spring Breakers comes in some way or another from Annapurna pictures, the production company behind The Master, Killing Them Softly, Lawless, and Zero Dark Thirty. To think a year or so ago I was reading articles about how Megan Ellison was going to ruin cinema by becoming a billionaire movie producer. If she wants to help fund the likes of Paul Thomas Anderson, Andrew Dominik, Kathryn Bigelow, and Harmony Korine then so be it. There's far worse things she could be doing with her money. And that almost all of them have had interesting, diverse marketing campaigns that didn't bow to bland generic concepts (only Lawless suffered from the Weinstein's addiction to Photoshop, what with its big name stars that needed to be manipulated for mass consumption).

Also on the poster front we have a trio of local films. We begin with the first design for upcoming Australian musical Goddess. It's the sort of bright, overly-manipulated poster one would expect, but at least it doesn't hurt the eyes and make me want to vomit. I think we can consider that a plus! A poster was also a US theatrical release poster for Cate Shortland's Australian/German/British co-production, Lore. Sadly the film's American distributor, Music Box Films, couldn't get an Oscar nomination to sell this aching portrayal of Nazi youth with, but I'm glad to see they're still going ahead and letting people see Lore on the big screen where Adam Arkapaw's cinematography really shines. The US poster magnifies the swastika that was barely noticeable in the local design. Make of that what you will, but WWII = box office, I guess. Lastly is the key art for Richard Gray's Blinder, a drama centered on AFL and the ugly details that come out about a certain player. I'll always be there for a Gray film, but one with Josh Helman and Oliver Ackland in footy shorts? Yeah, I'll take that, thanks! Bonus points for hilariously choosing a picture of Helman with quite obviously stimulated nipples. Well done to all involved on that decision!

And just because I'm a giving kinda guy, here are some more pictures of Josh Helman to set your eyes upon. He's a good looking man, can't you tell? And with Mad Max: Fury Road on his list of upcoming movies I can tell y'all will be seeing him pop up places.

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Yeah, the man (and his smile) is a keeper. Now, what were we talking about...?

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