Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Marvin's Test Footage

Marvin the Martian has always, for whatever reason, been my favourite Looney Tunes character. I think it was because he was green. My favourite colour was green as a child. Also, he was an alien. Not like "talking rabbit = alien" thing, but an actual alien that spoke with a funny voice and wanted to destroy the world (and actually got close to it because he was smart, unlike the other Looney villains). He wasn't in far enough of the cartoon shorts for my liking, and Space Jam didn't quite know what to do with him, which was a shame since I was all about the Looney Tunes when that movie came out.

Still, having now seen the test footage from the since-abandoned Marvin the Martian movie I can say that I'm glad they decided to ditch the project. Why? Er. Take a look.

Oh dear. THAT KID! Oh my gawd, that kid must never be allowed to act ever again. Harsh? Maybe. But yeesh, amiright? Yeah, I'm right. Plus I continue to be irked by CGI animation/live action hybrids. I mean, it worked for Who's Afraid of Roger Rabbit and Space Jam because they were literally cartoons taken out of their world, but most of the time it looks unusual. The inevitable 3D conversion would only accentuate this oddness. But, hey, maybe that's just me.

The film was supposedly to feature the voice of Mike Myers as Marvin, which is odd since why bother hiring somebody like him if he is just going to have to put on the character's original voice. "Here's ten million dollars to impersonate a voice!" Marvin, in the feature, was to set out in an attempt to destroy Christmas, with Christopher Lee as Santa Claus trying to stop him. Sounds like it could be fun, but the video doesn't fill me with the greatest of confidence. I personally always preferred when Marvin was in space, since it was such a radical change to the usual Looney Tune landscape.

Still, the film is no longer being made and this is all we have to commemorate it with. Maybe the next time there's a Looney Tunes revival they will resurrect the project, or another one all together?

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