Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Marion, Salma, and Lucy: An Eternal Golden Globes Mystery (Plus the Other Lovely Ladies of the Golden Globes)

What do we think is going on in this shot from yesterday's Golden Globe Awards? Lena Dunham was on stage accepting her award for best actress in a musical/comedy for Girls and the awards' ever-reliable cameramen captured this somewhat bizarre meeting of Marion Cotillard, Salma Hayek, and Lucy Lui.

I like to imagine that these three saw the cameraman approach and concocted a plan to give complete bitch face to whoever was up on stage... and the Marion was all "why am I even listening to these two?" and did a 180 by flirting with the cameraman. And then, of course, the lady in glasses was all eavesdropping and decided she wanted to be all like Jenna Malone with Kaylie Hooper on last week's episode of 30 Rock and join the cool kids before realising she'd been played by Marion like a fiddle.

I didn't actually watch the ceremony as I'd been busy that day with other stuff, but I did follow some of the show on Twitter and it was almost as entertaining. It sounded like an awards show on drugs, which is the best kind of awards show. I've been catching up with some of the wins on YouTube because I did a search for "golden globes" on PirateBay and came across an entirely different sort of video that I have no desire to see. You know what I mean (nobody plans on making porn, after all).

As for the winners? Well, they were mostly all as good as could be expected. I definitely loved the duel wins for Girls - I think that show is a spectacular antidote to so much that's around on TV and in cinemas. Plus, hey, their "let's play a song while you making your way to the stage" song was a remix of Robyn's "Dancing on My Own" so it was even better - as well as Argo and the actors. Of course, the show would have been markedly improved if all the categories were announced by a rotating combination of Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Kristen Wiig, and Drunk Glenn Close (and, yes, Will Ferrell, fine!), and with Adele giving a speech on behalf of every winner. Those women are a hoot, I tellsya!.

So much of a hoot even Nicole Kidman couldn't contain herself (er, a recurring theme I suppose given she was nominated for The Paperboy!)

Of course, if we wanted to get serious for a moment we could discuss Jodie Foster. I think Nathaniel Rogers made a very good observation when he said Foster's speech (for the Cecil D Demille lifetime achievement award) reads better than it played on camera. Foster's delivery was at times awkward as if she wasn't getting the response from her cathartic and raw punchlines as she was expecting. However, it made for a wonderful moment and one that acknowledged both the path that somebody can take to coming out on such a global scale, but also the way that, well, she hasn't hiding her homosexuality from those that mattered.

Foster frequently gets labels thrown at her by some in the gay press for not coming out in the way that appeases them, but if you weren't already aware that she was gay then yesterday's speech put a full stop on that. Her diversions from the topic - reality television most prominantly - may make some think her speech came off as little more than lip service that skirted the issue, but Foster has shown time and time again that this isn't a topic she feels a particular need to address in such a showy fashion. Her speech last night was like a one night only performance and with it she excelled. Plus, it must be said, she looked mighty fine doing it. If she does indeed intend on spending more time behind the camera than in front, then it will be sad since she's such a fantastic actor, but maybe one day in the future we will see the first openly gay female director taking home an Oscar statue for direction and won't that be a sight?

All the power to her, I say, and if her speech doesn't please everybody then that's hardly surprising. Her critics will no doubt latch on to her worrisome association with Mel Gibson (surprise: I think he already knew his friend was gay), or the way she tries to deflect attention, or the amount of time it took her to so publicly say it. If her biggest crime is wanting to not come out to 6 billion people as a way of publicising Flightplan then I don't think she has much to worry about.

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