Saturday, January 5, 2013

Killers on Tour! Homemade Sightseers of Germany

2013 is already proving to be a better year for film artwork than 2012. Make no mistake, I love and adore many posters from last year, but I can already say there are (at least) three posters for 2013 films that would very easily trump my #1 choice from last year's lot. For those playing along at home, they are the Japanese calligraphy inspired teaser for The Wolverine, the ultra-creepy mirrored image for Stoker, and the German poster for Sightseers, featured below.

If you've seen Ben Wheatley's violent road trip comedy Sightseeers then you can probably figure out why this poster has tickled my fancy. Oh sure, it's got some fabulous, unique colours on there, and the knitted pattern is cute even out of context, but what it really wins points for is for its thematic relevance. The film's somewhat twisted take on British colonialism is perfectly rendered in this poster with its odes to Britannia and national pride. I adore the playfulness that really captures the tone of Wheatley's film in a new and interesting way (certainly much more than the British designs), whilst being a perfectly concise piece of imagery. Just as suggest, Sightseers is very much about two homely Brits who start killing people across the British countryside. Add wonderful quirks such as her scarf, the badge that notes something in German I can't read, the gleeful fountain of blood, and very real splatter in the bottom right corner. I think it's all fabulous, I love it!

Of the film's multiple designs, only the French poster to the right comes close to representing the film in a way that I think is appropriate. That one uses a far more sparse piece of imagery that alludes to a much creepier, sombre film. While that's certainly a take on the film that is fair enough, I enjoy this German take more with its penchant for flare. I found myself resisting the film itself, but enjoyed its more outrageous moments so not only is this my preferred design, but it's so good it deserves to be a keeper. For a film about a naive innocent caught up in bloody mayhem, I actually can't think of a better design than this.

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