Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cult Girl

Cults are big business, or so it would seem, for some reason. I suspect it has something to do with the years of shedding that the mystique of these institutions have endured recently, perhaps most prominently with the "church" of Scientology, but also incidents like those at Heaven's Gate in 1997, which was certainly amongst the first times I'd ever heard of these type of places. Films about the topic have been popping up quite a bit lately, whether the its the fictional worlds of Martha Marcy May Marlene, Sound of My Voice, documentaries like Beyond Our Ken, or the clearly inspired-by-real-events movies like Paul Thomas Anderson's The Master. And that's not even mentioning the constant news items about films being in development that deal with the Manson family and the weird hold he held over his disciples.

Well, it's time to add another to the list. One Eyed Girl (grammar cultists will be outraged) is an upcoming Australian film from director Nick Matthews. That Matthews, who has previously only directed short features, mostly works as a cinematographer should help explain why the imagery from his debut feature is so beautiful. If you remember the infamous 2:37 then you may remember his work on that. He's not, however, the DP of One Eyed Girl (oh man, how annoying that going to get? HYPHEN, PEOPLE! HYPHEN!) but instead he's gone with another relative newcomer, Jody Muston. Take a look at the wordless teaser below.

It certainly looks gorgeous, but whether there's any actual substance beneath its pretty pictures remains to be seen. I like Mark Leonard Winter so it will certainly be good to see him front and centre in a film again, although the movie certainly doesn't look like a commercial vehicle in any way shape or form, so festival status may be its only avenue. We'll see.

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