Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Scoot's Roving in the Outback

I just love saying and/or typing "Scoot McNairy", don't you?



As if I needed any more of a reason to be excited for the new David Michôd film, The Rover, he's gone and cast one of my current favourite actors. Scoot McNairy - who, by the way, has had an incredible 2012 with Killing Them Softly and Argo being my top two films of the year so far! - has joined a cast that already includes Guy Pearce and (yes) Robert Pattinson. McNairy, who I first noticed in Monsters and In Search of a Midnight Kiss has proven me wrong by becoming a rather in demand actor. I figured his wiry frame, somewhat goofy looks, and a bonkers name would render him a fairly low profile, but thankfully things have turned out for the better. Alongside the aforementioned Oscar contender and the Cannes-played mobster flick with Brad Pitt, Scoot McNairy has new films by Gus Van Sant and Steve McQueen set for release in 2013, as well as another airforce thriller, Non-Stop, with Liam Neeson and Julianne Moore. Sure, why not, yeah?

Curiously, Michôd's debut - the Oscar-nominated Animal Kingdom - starred Ben Mendelsohn with whom McNairy shared many a scene with in Killing Them Softly. Also curiously, that film was directed by another Australian, Andrew Dominik. No word on whether Mendelson or any of his Kingdom brothers will be returning to Australia to film Michôd's somewhat futuristic existential western given the international success that that film has lent the cast you may think they'd be willing to pay him back. Maybe they're all too busy?

Now, let's look at some pictures of the man in question, shall we? There's even one with him and a cute puppy!

And just because he was so freakin' adorable in In Search of a Midnight Kiss...

I tell ya, Tumblr is really good in this situation! It's also a great way of discovering that no matter the niche, there are others who want to make gifs about it. Still, I saw him first. I mean, I know his wife technically saw him first, but for the sake of an argument...

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