Friday, November 2, 2012

Review: End of Watch

End of Watch
Dir. David Ayer
Country: USA
Aus Rating: MA15+
Running Time: 109mins

The lives of two police officers that patrol the dangerous world of South Central Los Angeles are examined in End of Watch, a film by David Ayer (screenwriter of Training Day) that aims to take a first-person look at the world of LA crime. As acted by Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peña, these two officers are almost like America’s answers to the “lovable Aussie larrikin” stereotype. They’re pranksters and jokesters who won’t think twice about telling an embarrassing story just to raise a laugh, but their camaraderie is infectious and makes this otherwise rather standard story of police vs gangs into something far richer and more satisfying.

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It's easy to forget how good of an actor Jake Gyllenhaal is, isn't it? He's been dallying about on Broadway as of late and he slowed down on the films when everybody decided Prince of Persia was not a good move. Thankfully he's really great in End of Watch and I would never say no to him making more movies. Especially if he's going to look like this.

Arrest me, Officer Gyllenhaal.

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