Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Jack Skellington, the Golden Globes and the Jewish Film Festival, Together at Last

Just a quick heads up that two pieces I've written have gone up elsewhere on the internetosphere. Firstly, over at Nathaniel Rogers' The Film Experience I looked at the the Oscar-nominated visual effects of Henry Selick's The Nightmare Before Christmas (or is it Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas, I've never been able to figure that out!) in the lead up to Halloween. Just today, however, I had a bit of fun poking around in the Musical/Comedy categories of the HFPA's Golden Globe Awards to list the top ten musical snubs. So many strange statistics, specifically revolving around Bob Fosse's All That Jazz the Muppets. Oh yes, there Will be Xanadu.

Meanwhile, over at Trespass Magazine, I was able to get a sneak peak at some of the titles currently on offer at the 22nd Jewish International Film Festival of Australia. I particularly recommend Yossi, the sequel to the lovely Yossi and Jagger from ten years prior. I also spoke about Yossi (and Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf!) on last saturday's edition of The Saturday May on JOY 94.9, but sadly the podcast isn't up yet.

Local readers can also occasionally find my stuff in The Big Issue. Last edition I reviewed You Will Be My Son with a four star review so I'd urge y'all to go see it if you can. The current edition sees me reviewing The Sessions, and next issue is Pitch Perfect. And, of course, you can still obviously follow my ramblings, Golden Girls quotes, and angry ventings about my disdain for the public over on Twitter so don't forget to follow if you haven't already.

This round up was brought you by my intense need to see Les Miserables and Anna Karenina. Hurry up, already!

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