Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Watercolor Wolverine

It should come as no surprise that I keep a Word document on my desktop that I update regularly with a list of the best and worst posters for the year. It makes doing that end of year round-up all the more easier. I do frequently miss stuff though so I will always scan through IMP's yearly list to find those hidden gems that passed me by. Perusing my list today, however, and I noticed a distinct lack of American mega-budget blockbusters on it. We already know that Hollywood studios generally have trouble marketing their product in anything but the most broad of beige strokes, but this year seemed particularly empty of titles at least attempting something interesting. I know many are fans, but I had major issues with the artwork for The Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers, The Amazing Spider-Man, Prometheus, and many more. How these films have upwards of 50 individual designs (!!!) and can't stumble across anything fresh, unique, or even just Photoshopped nicely is beyond the realm of my comprehension.

Summer 2013 on the other hand is already looking up. I quite like this Lone Ranger teaser, despite some of its flaws, and now comes along another teaser for a sequel to a much-maligned film. The Wolverine has a lot to prove, and I think they've gotten off on the right foot with this rather captivating, artistic piece of design. It's black and white, but doesn't even approach the miserable monochrome style of, say, The Dark Knight Rises and The Amazing Spider-Man. Utilising a beautiful Japanese style reminiscent of watercolours, this poster for The Wolverine makes for a very early contender for best poster of 2013 (I know it's 2012, but there's gotta be some consistency here so, for argument's sake, it's a 2013 design).

If the rest of the campaign for The Wolverine is half as well-executed as this initial teaser then I'll be very happy. I was also a fan of this initial design, but it's been said that it won't be used in any official capacity and was nothing more than a conceptual mock up. That's a shame, but they've hardly replaced it with something garish and ugly. This poster for The Wolverine is simply wonderful. Hopefully some of the other blockbusters of 2013 follow on from The Wolverine's lead and aim a little bit higher.

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