Monday, October 15, 2012

Hitchcock Calling...

It's a good thing I was so swamped this past weekend with birthday shenanigans that I had no time to post the trailer for Hitchcock, because now comes something even better! But first, the trailer. Have you seen it? Oh you must!

I like it!

I don't think I could handle one of my two favourite films of all time being turned into a dour, miserable parade. I like the comical edge that director Sacha Gervasi has injected into the proceedings, giving it a lighter edge to the typical sort of Hollywood biopic that we're used to seeing. The cast appears to be having a ball, too. In fact, this looks more like the HBO version of the tale, which is funny given HBO do in fact have a TV movie based on Hitchcock, The Girl. The sudden move in 2012 shows that maybe the distributor has something keener on their plate other than a mere performance only piece ala My Week with Marilyn or The Last Station. The former title, of course, seems to be the go-to reference title for Hitchcock, but that one seemed light as air due to a lack of dramatic drive. At least from the quick two and a half minute grab of this Hitchcock trailer, this particular mini-biopic of sorts doesn't look as if it will want for drama. "It's only a bloody movie."

I must say that much more than Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren, I am mostly looking forward to the performance of Scarlett Johansson. She's finally back in the good graces of people after winning The Avengers lottery and a winning dry turn as Janet Leigh looks like a lot of fun. "I'm not exactly boyish!" The trailer - and one must assume a large enough chunk of the finished movie - does have a notable obsession with the shower scene (something we were just discussing yesterday!) so I am excited to see how Johansson handles it.

Have you seen the poster also?

I actually really like it. It's obviously going for the same angular look of the original Psycho poster, and doing a better job of it (seriously, that Psycho poster is one of the key art world's most lost opportunities). The red is vibrant, the typeface is cool, and it's certainly eye-catching in a world of stripes and floating heads.

Have you seen this though? It's a wicked little PSA from Alfred Hitchcock, himself Anthony Hopkins as Hitchcock asking cinema patrons to turn off their mobile phones. It'd be nice to see more of these, don't you think? This was filmed on a mobile phone so I'm not sure where it played or how the person knew it was going to be shown. Nor is it known whether the person filming the ad on their phone got the irony of such a turn of events, but watch and enjoy anyway. It's super fun!

Of course, all of this discussion about Hitchcock was just a means to, yet again, post this LOL-worthy moment in photography history. Any chance to discuss Psycho is a chance to include this picture. Let's just be thankful they cast Jessica Biel in Hitchcock and not Jessica Alba!

LOL, you guys! LOL!

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