Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy Halloween from Weird Girl and Mr Whiskers!

Hope you're all having a ghoulish day - and those American readers, of which I know there are many, affected by the storms hopefully your day is merely safe and returning to somewhat normalcy. I've already watched one film today - Carl Theodore Dreyer's 1932 classic, Vampyr - but have three more to get through, including a cinema screening of John Carpenter's Halloween on a double feature with something called Hardware. I'm obviously not going to get to 31 films, but at least I'll hit a figure with a 2 in the front of it!

If your day, however, is filled with work (it is a Wednesday after all) maybe Weird Girl and Mr Whiskers can help ease the pain.





Images stolen blatantly from My New Plaid Pants

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JA said...

Happy Halloween Glenn! I've loved the series, and you've gotten me to download a couple flicks to watch that I'd never even heard of before, so thanks! I am watching The Shining right now - Tony says hello!