Wednesday, September 5, 2012

When Bad Posters Strike: Fun Size

You guys, Hart of Dixie is back soon! I know the show is little more than one of those ridiculously tired city-gal-heads-to-quirky-small-town concepts that coasts on the charm of its star, Rachel Bilson, and the good looks of its love triangle cast (that'd be Scott Porter of Friday Night Lights, and the unfortunately named Wilson Bethel), but I enjoy it anyway. Josh Schwartz, who created The OC, has a knack for turning should be fluff into, at least, intensely enjoyable fluff. I mean, it's no Men In Trees, but what can we do?

Anyway, all of this is a long way of getting to Fun Size. I'd never heard of it before, but now I have and I think I preferred it when I was oblivious to its existence. Fun Size is the directorial debut of Josh Schwartz although the below poster certainly doesn't try and alert audiences to his involvement (rightly or wrongly). I was legitimately surprised, however, to discover that not one of the film's nine (NINE!) listed producers and executive producers were involved with this year's teenage party comedy, Project X. Not because the films are similar in any way - to be perfectly honest, after looking at the Fun Size poster I did not care one bit to investigate it further - but because the posters look so alike.

Both seem to be showing these supposedly confused/innocent teenagers gawking expressions that say "lol, what's happening?" while crazy stuff happens in the background.

At least Project X's poster looks competently made though. This Fun Size travesty is a big ol' mess. I mean, yeesh, look at the baby! Maybe if the entire thing wasn't drowned in pumpkin orange it wouldn't look quite so garish, but then how would audiences no it was set on Halloween? Oh right, they've said as much in the tag line! Yikes, you guys.

Then, of course, there are the badly photoshopped bodies in the foreground, the ugly mish-mash of images going on in the background, and the boring font. It's pretty easy to determine who the romantic leads are, too, isn't it? The two who aren't wearing costumes, obvs. Especially not the one wearing the sexy catsuit one. Ugh. What an ugly disaster. Some people just can't design movie posters. But, hey, at least Hart of Dixie returns at the start of October!!!

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TonyFilangeri said...

Bad movie poster aside, the movie does look good.