Monday, August 27, 2012

Don't Be Shy, Mr Bell

I was at a movie last night, and some time after leaving I checked Twitter. Blessed are my followers who immediately thought of me upon the news that had come out whilst I was in the cinema, that Jamie Bell would be taking a role in the new hardcore sex film by Lars Von Trier, The Nymphomaniac. Of course, all of the tweets I received were of the "you're gonna die!" / "you're gonna love this!" / "you're gonna masturbate!" variety and for that I'm thankful. Let's keep online social media as classy as possible, I say!

Of course, I naturally already knew about this since Jamie and I are betrothed as husband and husband. I have a say in every role he accepts. Well, almost. I don't know how Man on a Ledge snuck by my keen observations, but we've already had words about that. Still, the idea of Jamie in a the new Von Trier film was too much for him to refuse. He obviously didn't himself out there enough with Hallam Foe and needed to reveal more of himself. To reveal the raw, humane side to his personality is obviously what I meant. Obviously.


Runs Like A Gay said...

I'm still trying to imagine what Lars is up to with The Nymphomaniac... Is he really just planning on making a soft-core porn with "A" listers and seeing if he can sell it to the arthouse circles?

Anonymous said...

Dear Glenn Bell,

your keen observations have also missed THE EAGLE. Shame on you.