Wednesday, July 25, 2012

When Bad Posters Strike: Freeloaders

You know you've messed up when even the star of your film can't wrap their head around the poster. Case in point: Freeloaders

"is that a real poster?" - Josh Lawson.

Er, sorry Josh, but it sure is. I alerted Lawson, a likable Aussie actor who has been fluttering about between American and Australian productions for a few years now (earlier this year he appeared in Any Questions for Ben? as his TV series House of Lies aired to acclaim), to the poster for Freeloaders (a movie I had never heard of, quelle surprise) and his reply? "Wow! That is my head, but that is DEFINITELY not my body." Indeed.

Why they would feel the need to put Lawson's head onto a really unflattering shirtless torso is beyond me. Josh is a good looking man and I'm sure his body isn't so HORRIBLY EMBARRASSING that they should feel the need to place his head onto somebody else's. "Not sure why I got the topless guy, but still..." he said before calling it "weird". That's a good word for it: weird. Just look at the damned thing!

As others on my Twitter feed noted, it's using the same exact motif as Uncle Buck and, to a lesser degree, My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Not that there's anything wrong with that, it's a good idea when executed well. This, most definitely, is not. In fact, it looks like an inverted version of the poster to your left for Crazy on the Outside from last year. Freeloaders' poster is infinitely worse, but you get the picture.

I just can't fathom how this poster for Freeloaders was approved. It's a generally accepted fact that film casts (despite spending all day on set together, presumably doing little of any consequence while the crew set up shots) don't pose for ensemble film posters anymore. It's sad, but true, that it's a rarity, but thems the break. With this poster, I don't even think they were on the same planet as each other. As Lawson - presumably the lead of the film since his name is placed first on the cast list up top - himself tweeted me, "I think all the heads are supered on to the bodies!" There's Dave Foley's head staring off into the distance, Clifton Collins Jr looking mightily intense, Olivia Munn standing about as if she's the cardboard cutout ghost child from Three Men and a Baby, and then Jane Seymour looking terrifyingly like Mirage from The Incredibles. Or, as one Twitter follower suggested, "Ellen Barkin"(!!!) I don't even wanna know what's going on with the girl in the tartan skirt... aren't these people related?

Bad movie posters are a dime a dozen, but it takes a special kind of skill to be as bad as this one for Freeloaders.

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Is "From the producers of Super Troupers and Beerfest" a positive thing?