Monday, July 9, 2012

Round Up! Round Up!

It's been a couple of weeks since we looked at some new movie posters, so I figured we'd see what's freshly out there in the world of key art.

I haven't seen anybody else take notice of the fact that two recently released posters - those for Sam Raimi's Oz: The Great and Powerful, and Peter Jackson's The Hobbit: The Journey Begins - are virtually identical. Oh sure, one has a giant hot air balloon and the other does not, but that's about where the differences end. Both have swirling sky with a beacon of sunlight in the distance. Both feature a directorial credit tied with a famous trilogy. Both use bright, mossy greens to line a path to destiny. Both even have a golden typography. It's startling, really. Are they secretly the same movie?

I'm sure they're not actually the same movie, although these days with so many big budget blockbusters basically looking the same, I have little doubt that they will at least compliment each other for bombastic fantasy epicness. Still, I look forward to both, even if I don't quite think Sam Raimi quite fits the bill of a "visionary". Well, certainly not since the completion of his Evil Dead films.

Maybe you noticed when we looked at the best posters (so far) of 2012 that I included the British quad for Joe Wright's upcoming adaptation of Anna Karenina. It's obvious that they've settled upon a style of marketing for this picture since that very opulent look has carried over to the luscious trailer and this latest poster.

Dripping in pearls and crystal, I kinda love this poster. Loving the way it folds out from the stage to a world of expanse, hinting at the ways that Wright's film will experiment with the form. I could do without the excessively wordy prose at the bottom, but if you're going to be verbose with hyperbole then why not about Anna Karenina, I guess.

Meanwhile, on the other end of the class scale is Bait 3D. Yes, the "sharks in the shopping mall" movie that has seemingly been flapping its fins in post production for years and will finally get a release later this year. The American poster here is completely awful, but check out that tag line! You guys, I just can't even.


Presumably the number seven refers to the number of killer shark movies that have popped up over the last few years. Still, amazing. And, oh lord, THE LIMB! Also fun to note that the film has been classified R in America for "bloody violence", language and something else that I can't make out. Even with this extra large poster. It says "some _____ images", that much I can tell. Grisly? I would've thought the bloody violence would make grisly images an implied extra. Can anybody help make out the mystery word?

Speaking of water, I am definitely a fan of this poster for Hello I Must Be Going. Poor title grammar aside, I really like it's use of space and colour.

The asterisk is cute and totally works as a signal of some quirky humour, but doesn't overdo it with annoying hand-written scrawl and cutesy facial expressions.

Speaking of water again (oh gawd, even I get a bad taste in the mouth from that segue), these two posters for The Impossible don't so much have much to say about them (although there's perhaps some really palpable force to the Naomi Watts version), but...

...including the images was just a cheat of a way to alert you to the teaser trailer that was released for this Spanish film based on the events of the Boxing Day Tsunami. The images of that day are haunting and something that Clint Eastwood's Hereafter or Tsunami: The Aftermath couldn't quite master. The teaser below, however, gives me hope that Juan Antonio Bayona's take could be the one to rise above.

The hand rising up out of the water curiously evokes Friday the 13th (cursed waterways!) and those visual effects looks unparalleled for their realism and integration.

Speaking of wat- so, no seriously, there wasn't meant to be a theme here. It just happened!

Look, can anybody tell me what the hell is going on in this banner for Resident Evil: Retribution. I mean, once you get past the initial shock upon realising that there is yet another Resident Evil film coming out, could you decipher anything that's going on here. Has Milla Jovovich discovered the secret to walking on water as well as never-aging skin? Why do they boats look like mechanical sharks? And just why did the marketers think to piggy back on the style of Battleship?

I have no idea, how about you?

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