Monday, July 23, 2012

Brief Thoughts on the Emmy Nominations: Beach Party!

I have so little to say on the Emmy nominations that were announced last week. They seem to nominate the exact same shows and the exact same performers year after year that each year's nomination ballot bleeds into the next. Apart from this year's inclusions of Girls (so very deserving) and Veep, I honestly couldn't tell you what was different from the nominees announces 12 months ago to those announced today. It certainly doesn't help that I don't even watch many of the nominated programs like Breaking Bad (my fault, I know) and Game of Thrones (not interested, sorry) to have a vested interest in their awards success, but that still doesn't mean I can't look at Michael C Hall getting nominated for Dexter and know the voters are being lazy, or spot Kathy Bates being nominated for that detective series that got axed and figuring they clearly don't care about actually trying to adhere to the definition of "outstanding".

Nevertheless, we love Mad Men, Girls, 30 Rock, Homeland, American Horror Story, and the random episodes of Louis and Modern Family that I've seen lately so that's always good. Still sad to see nothing for Cougar Town, Revenge, The Closer, and only a measly screenwriting nod for Community. Oh well, lumps... ya gotta take 'em.

Still, there were a few things I wanted to mention. How about the Original Music & Lyrics category? I'd be hard-pressed to choose between "Let Me Be Your Star" from Smash, and "It's Not Just for Gays Anymore" as performed by Neil Patrick Harris on the Tony Awards. Jeepers! I think I'd eventually put my vote down for the Smash hit (zing!) since it doesn't have an awkward interlude with Brooke Shields and Bobby Cannavale, although it's a shame Harris' hosting wasn't cited, although I'm not sure what category award show hosting goes into these days? It used to have its own - remember when Hugh Jackman won the second award of his potential EGOT for hosting the Tony's? - but not anymore. The Emmys are confusing like that.

"Let Me Be Your Star" | "It's Not Just for Gays Anymore"

While the vote would go to the former, it doesn't feature the lyric "it's not just for gays / we'd be twice as proud to have you if you go both ways" so maybe I'd have to reconsider.

Elsewhere, I loved that Lisa Kudrow's Web Therapy got nominated for... something. I'm not entire sure what "Outstanding Special Class Short Format Live-Action" is since the category also features nominations for something called Parks and Recreation: April and Andy's Road Trip and "webisodes" of 30 Rock? I guess it's an online thing? Who can tell with the Emmys? Kudrow, by the way, is also an executive producer on Who Do You Think You Are?, which was also nominated. Great day for her, then.

I loved seeing Margaret Cho, my favourite comedian for a while there, nominated for her performances as "best waiter in the world" Kim Jong-Il on 30 Rock. Beach party!

Also nice to see my future husband Max Greenfield nominated. I've never watched the Zooey Deschanel led sitcom New Girl, but that's because nobody told me Greenfield was on it. And frequently parading about without a shirt on (as the pictorial evidence below demonstrates) as it turns out. He was so adorable as Leo D'Amato on Veronica Mars that I'll always have a fondness for him, and knowing he's now an Emmy nominee means that he'll at least be able to get a job for a while yet.

Why did nobody mention any of this to me? I guess I have to start watching New Girl now, right? And just fast forward through all the Deschanel-being-Deschanel bits.

Now, we all know that women are basically ruling the television right now, yeah? If the whopping SEVEN nominees for comedy actress wasn't a telltale sign, one also just has to look at the nominees for Best Actress Mini-Series or TV Movie. You could have told me this line-up was like a perfect storm of an Oscar field and I'd have believed you. Look at who they nominated (not necessarily the product)!

Oh sure, Ashley Judd we could give or take, but maybe we can live in a world where she gives frequently amazing performances. She's apparently good enough in Missing (wasn't that just a botched TV series that got axed so was turned into a "mini-series"?) to be nominated alongside these four fabulous women so we'll take the theory that she must be good in the role and run with it.

Then, of course, there are all the other fabulous actresses that were nominated. Jessica Lange! Judy Davis! Frances Conroy! Maggie Smith! Sarah Paulson! Temple Grandin! Amazing. A shame though that Laura Dern's face won't be making an appearance at the awards since Enlightened went and ignored the series entirely. Still, that comedy actress category is just off the wall amazing. Who says women aren't funny? Oh, misogynistic pricks, that's right. Never mind...

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