Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Review: Prometheus

Dir. Ridley Scott
Country: USA
Aus Rating: M15+ (originally a deserved MA15+)
Running Time: 124mins

This year’s crop of big budget winter flicks have been more lacklustre than blockbuster, with only The Avengers emerging rosy from the pile of unwanteds. It’s an interesting moment then for Ridley Scott’s Prometheus to emerge. Even several days after seeing it, people still aren’t exactly sure what it is. Is it a prequel? It is a sequel? Is it perhaps even a remake, but set in a parallel world? I guess it’s a good thing, especially given the marketing was seemingly trying to give away as much as humanly possible, that Ridley Scott has succeeded in mystifying audiences and, for some, confounding expectations. It’s just part of why I think it works as well as it does, for as much as prequels have a tendency to take the fun out of their predecessor’s central mystery, Prometheus adds layers to the universe that began with the classic Alien.

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Kokolo said...

So you liked it. I've heard a lot of "raises questions it doesn't even try to answer" criticism.