Monday, June 18, 2012

Finding the Date in V/H/S

Have you seen the poster for the upcoming horror anthology, V/H/S? If you've never even heard of it then you have some catching up to do - good grief, I hope the people at the Melbourne International Film Festival have been keeping abreast of the situation as this would kill (perhaps literally) during their late night slots - but if you have, then you'll know it's an omnibus film of sorts about a group of criminals watching a stash of "found footage" videos. If it doesn't exactly sound all that enticing - which means you probably saw The Devil Inside and have been scarred for life - then the buzz has certainly been high enough to warrant interest. The inclusion of names like Ti West (House of the Devil, The Innkeepers), Adam Wingard (A Horrible Way to Die and Joe Swanberg (LOL, Hannah Takes the Stairs) is certainly another reason to be intrigued, especially since Swanberg is known more for his mumblecore titles than anything necessarily in the realm of horror. Then again, mumblecore and found footage probably fit together better than we may suspect.

Anyway, the poster? Have you seen it? It's quite good.

Of course, this is hardly the first poster to do the whole "make a skull out of inanimate objects" thing, but I think this one is quite nifty. As I scanned the dates of the videos though I came across my own birthday, so I naturally have to love it. I wonder what spooky occurrence happened on that day? Hopefully something scary! Is your birthday on there? Click the image to embiggen and investigate the videos.

I started thinking about my favourite spooky skull posters and discovered this video (below) on YouTube, which basically takes all of the hard work out of it. A lot of the posters featured aren't optical illusions, as the title of the video says, at all. Fright Night, to pick just one, isn't so much an optical illusion as an optical fact. Hard to picture anybody getting fooled by that one and having to get somebody to point out the face in the sky to them. But, hey, maybe that's just me? You would have to be pretty dumb to think The Punisher's poster was just bullet holes fired in a peculiarly precise manner. Anyway. Take a look and see how common it is.

I'd seen most of these before, but there are some fun ones I'd never come across. Hello Ghost Rig! If I had to six three favourites (because posters spread three across on Blogger) then I'd certainly go with Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid (one of my all time favourites - it's so subdued for a sequel to a movie that features Jon Voight getting eaten and then regurgitated by a giant Amazonian jungle snake!); the French poster for Event Horizon; 1980s Canadian slasher Visiting Hours; Eli Roth's Cabin Fever; that medical horror with Milo Ventimiglia that nobody saw, Pathology; and Death Ship, with a design obviously ripped off by Ghost Ship a couple of decades later.

Isn't it weird that that Paul Walker/Joshua Jackson flick from the late 1990s, The Skulls, didn't even attempt this concept?

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JA said...

Way to rub it in that some of us were born before there was videotape, you youthful bastard. ;)

Love this poster. Love Ti West. Seeing this in a couple of weeks, and I love that too.

Did you see Cabin in the Woods, Glenn? I read it was a hit in Australia this past weekend, wasn't sure if it was anywhere near you or not.