Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Crawl Space

This is the just released trailer for Aussie horror flick, Crawl (Via AtTheCinema). There's definitely some footage in here that looks impressive - the final minute or so is well edited and has some great moments of imagery - but I will admit the trailer had already somewhat lost me. You see, I'm all for genre pictures like this using some larger than life marketing to get attention. I love posters like those for The Last House on the Left or The Texas Chain Saw Massacre that use grand sweeping statements to get audiences talking. I do, however, think it's a bit of an eyebrow raiser to use not just one, but two Coen Brothers comparisons plus the word "Hitchcockian". No matter how good your film is, I will never ever be fooled into believing it is as good as Hitchcock or the Coens. If it were then there would be far more noise out there about it, ya know? All the best, etc, but nobody is going to be going into Crawl and expecting a film that "rivals No Country for Old Men". Nobody.

Still, could be a fun film. Anybody seen it?

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Ro D said...

You're right about the ridiculous quotes - especially when the two quites longer than one word of hyperbole come from the same guy.
This looks terrible. Like someone tried to come up with a new horror icon a la Jeff Jarrat's creepy guy from Wolf Creek, and just put a cowboy hat on him. And the comparison with No Country....surely only stems from having a scene set in a lonely roadside petrol station. Ugh! I'll be steering clear. Nothing new to see here at all.